5 top Horror movies in 2017 that haunted you to the core

5 top Horror movies in 2017 that haunted you to the core

Added: 08.03.18

2017 has been a great year for the genre of horror. Bone-chilling movies have hit the screens, scaring the audience with smart visuals and compelling story-telling.While some failed to leave a mark, some of the movies stood out. Here is looking at top horror movie of 2017.


Though considered to be a psychological thriller, Split has given the audience some serious chills with its grim setting and dark story-telling. Directed by M Night Shyamalan and brilliantly acted by James McAvoy, the movie follows the story of Kevin, a man who suffers dissociative personality disorder. He has evidenced 23 personalities already, but there is another one waiting to be uncovered and take dominance. Unnerving with full of twists, this is a masterpiece that manages to leave a mark. Watch Split online



Stephen King’s magnum opus comes to life in this modern adaption of the novel of the same name. Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise is genuinely scary and lives up to the massive expectation. The movie is set against the sleepy town of Derry, Maine where seven young outcasts spend their summer holidays investigating the missing children. The sunny setting of the movie almost gives a cynical vibe about the impending danger. The kids fighting the evil, both physical and metaphorical is excellently captured by the little actors and director Andres Muschietti. Click to watch the movie "IT"


Annabelle: Creation

With countless sequences of hands reaching out for doorknobs, children shuddering in the dark and the tormenting doll smiling at the screen, Annabelle: Creation is creepy and daunting. Directed by David Sandberg, the movie dwells the origin of the possessed doll that creates a ruckus in the lives of young orphans. Though the movie lacks originality, there are moments that will haunt you in your dreams long after you are done watching the movie.


Get Out

Get Out is a smart movie that addresses the issue of racism and puts it against a horror backdrop. The visuals are harrowing and tormenting but answer the true problems of the world. A black man stuck with the psychotic family of his white girlfriend, fighting for life is a social critique that is fearless. First time director Jordan Peele has not held back in this movie, showcasing thebrilliance of the greatest sorts. Watch Get Out now


It Comes at Night

There are many trivial apocalyptic movies, but then there comes It Comes at Night, which is scary, intense and smart. Directed by Trey Edward Shults, the movie is set in an apocalyptic world, where two surviving families are forced to take refuge in an old rustic house, trying to keep the evil at bay, but only to realize that real evil is within. The chilling sequences give the movie a smart and unique screenplay. Click here to watch the movie online


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