Sherlock Holmes - Season V

Sherlock Holmes - Season V

Added: 25.02.20

Ready for another season folks? Well! You have to wait a bit more for this thrilling and exciting blockbuster Sherlock Holmes. As of now, no trailer launch or release date has be issued by the makers, yet we believe that another season will hit you all in 2022-23. The previous four seasons have been stirring and electrifying enough to make the fans crave for more seasons. Fans have been gearing up to watch Cumberbatch and Freeman back in action. The British series have been aired on BBC and Netflix and has garnered the attention of millions of viewers. The brilliant acting, intense and convoluted plot has made the viewers think like detectives.

Sherlock Holmes is a series of stories based on the detective stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The creators of this rollercoaster ride are Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss while BBC produces the show. From 2010-2017, four seasons have been released with three episodes of sixty minutes each. All the seasons of this show revolves around the mysteries being unfolded by the quick-witted detective, Sherlock Holmes and his assistant names, Doctor John. The previous three seasons had a mysterious ending giving the fans a hint of the proceeding season. However, the fourth season had a happy ending which kind of marked the end of the series but the fans do not seem to stop craving for another ride.

The series has been a huge it for the amazing plot, perfect acting with the immaculate direction. The series have been nominated in many categories and has been able to gather some awards in the three categories at 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. Also, the third series was reported to be the most watched series in the United Kingdom.Sherlock Holmes

Like the previous plots, the possible fifth season would deal with similar mysteries and cases left behind in the preceding seasons. Hopefully, this new season would unravel those puzzles along with some new social issues. We are eager to see Holmes and Doctor Watson getting into hot water while unearthing the mysteries.

It is also revealed that the delay in the making of this new season owes a great reason to the main actors being busy with their schedules. The directors have hinted that they will not work with any other actors other than the original cast. The main leads, David Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have been busy doing other projects and their free slots would decide the shooting.

Although, there are no immediate plans of releasing the fifth season, yet we had a hint from one of the creators, Mark Gattis when he said in an interview with Radio times, ‘You could go back. But there are no immediate plans.’ Similarly, Moffat told Digital Spy, ‘I haven’t really thought about it. Mark [Gatiss]’s been doing other stuff as well, so we haven’t sat down and had a proper talk about what we would do with another series.   

As per the officials, there are no plans for the fifth season. BBC won’t push the release date because they would not like to affect other shows because of Sherlock Holmes. The attention on the other shows will be diverted affecting the rating simultaneously. Thus after completing all the major projects, BBC will certainly lay hands on this famed series and would release the trailer till 2022. 

All we can hope now is that the cast and crew will get together to bring another exciting season after some time. In fact, they must take out some time from their preoccupied schedules to meet the fans again. With all the mysterious cases, the lead has to set their foot on the cases to make us jump off of our seats and enjoy the whole procedure.