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The First movie "Bloodshot" in universe Valiant Comics

Added: 06.02.20

Since it’s very popular nowadays to create a movie based on comic books, it’s easy to see why Bloodshot was made in the first place. The Bloodshot comics, created by Valiant will actually have their own shared cinematic universe. And the first movie in this universe will be Bloodshot, which is one of the pivotal Valiant characters to begin with.


When it comes to the Valiant superheroes, Bloodshot actually has the simplest story to understand. We are following Ray Garrison, which in the movie is played by Vin Diesel. He and his wife are assassinated and somehow he gets reborn by a team of scientist. Obviously Ray is not really ok with the fact that he is back without his consent and his love is killed. So he is embarking on a trip to revenge his wife and also kill his own attackers.

But the scientists didn’t just bring him back to life. He is enhanced with nanotechnology and basically becomes a biotech killing machine, pretty much a superhuman in many ways. But things are not as simple as you might imagine. As he struggles to uncover who killed his loved one, he understands that there’s more at play here and he needs to find a way to deal with all those problems the best way that he can. Which is actually a very interesting way to thicken the plot and bring us more of the comics lore that we know and love.

Why Bloodshot?

It’s very hard to create a new set of movies in an entirely new universe and actually come up with a way to make them a cinematic universe. That’s very tricky, but it clearly shows that Bloodshot is more than just a one-off thing. They are actually banking hard on it and they are trying to make it as interesting and unique as possible. We can also expect them to plant the seeds for a new set of movies in this world, and that alone can be quite spectacular.

The casting is pretty good too. Vin Diesel plays the main character, and there are some other great actors in the movie like Eiza Gonzalez, Michael Sheen, Sam Heughan and many others. The casting is interesting and so varied that it will immediately bring in quite a lot of questions. But that’s the thing you will like here, the sheer variety and tremendous value that they are bringing in with the entire process. It’s still great to have so many interesting ideas in a single package and it certainly works better than imagined.

According to news from various outlets, filming started at the beginning of August 2018, and it wrapped on October 2018. That was quite a long time ago, so the fact that the movie stayed so much in post-production suggests there might be a lot of visual effect content to be added to it. That’s the thing that really makes Bloodshot interesting, it needs to set up an entirely new world of superheroes, so having it bake in the oven for a bit more time might be a really good idea.

What should you know about the director?

Bloodshot is directed by David S F Wilson. The thing to note here is that Bloodshot is actually his directorial debut. David did work on visual effects for a variety of videogames. He is also the director of an episode of Love, Death and Robots. However, this is his first feature film. Normally when you go with a first time director, things might seem a bit eerie, but this actually seems to be very interesting as an approach, and it might work better than you imagine.

Lots of special effects

When you enter a movie like Bloodshot which is based on a comic book, you basically expect a lot of special effects. And there’s a reason for that. The power set of the titular character in the comics is rather insane and extremely interesting. While we will have to wait and see how this translates to a movie, the trailer itself showed that there’s a lot of blood, battles and plenty of interesting visual effects to be had in the movie. Whether this will rival movies like Endgame or not, that will be hard to say. But it’s clear that the payoff is extraordinary and you will be quite amazed with the results.