Added: 06.02.20

One day at a time, we are gradually leaping into the second month of the year 2020. That brings us to the question?

Which movies to watch and enjoy this month?

To answer that question, we have reduced a wide majority of films to only five that you can watch on the valentine's day, at weekends, or even on a friendly night out.

Let's jump right into it and see what these five films are about.



1. Birds of pray

The film in question is going to be released on February 7,2020.

As obvious as it is from the poster, let's get one thing clear, this film would be a Harley Quinn film.

Harley Quinn has ceased to be with Joker ever since the events of the suicide squad (This film is a follow-up spin-off of the popular film Suicide Squad which was released back in 2016)

When Black mask (A narcissist crime lord) kidnaps a young girl, the whole Gotham city gets turned upside down looking for her.

Among the onlookers is Harley Quinn who has joined forces with the Gotham city Heroines to take down Black mask and rescue the girl.



It'll be in theaters on February 21, 2020, even though it had its world premiere on September 7, 2019.

It is about a retail billionaire.

The story takes place in a stupendous world full of fashion and luxury. The 60th birthday party of the billionaire is going to be held on the Greek Island of Mykonos in a heaven-like hotel and the movie centers around that.

The main theme is to showcase the power of greed, as it is one of the seven deadly sins after all.


3. Sonic the hedgehog

The day to remember is Valentine's day (February 14, 2020)

It is a live-action adaption of the famous Sonic game by SEGA which has been around for a while.

After sprinting at the speed of 760mph, sonic causes a massive power outrage.

The unconventional incident catches the interest of the government.

To uncover the mystery, the government hires a strange man named Dr.Robotnik. Who delves more into the matter than is necessary. He gets obsessed with the inhumane powers of sonic and wants to use them for himself in order to dominate the whole world.

As the original character design of Sonic wasn't received well by the fans, the studio decided to delay the release and rework on its character design.

That's why the hype for this film is as high as ever.


4. Fantasy Island

Release date is February 14 (Valentine's day again)

Mr. Roarke, an unfathomable man who happens to be the caretaker of an island in the pacific ocean.

An Island where people from anywhere in the world can come and realize their fantasies, it is a place where anything that can be imagined can become a reality.

However, such a privilege doesn't come without a price or some kind of a catch.

The story begins when a small group of guests embark on the mystical grounds of this Island. Depending on their fantasies, the story continues.


5.The Invisible Man

The film will be releasing on the 28th of February, 2020.

It is going to be a Science fiction with a psychological and horror touch.

A woman named Cecilia Kass makes her escape aided by a small group of people whom she trusts.

She has had enough of her husband who happened to be an insane, yet a wealthy scientist.

However, her husband commits suicide and leaves behind a big portion of his wealth. A stream of odd events starts to unfold, which drives Cecilia insane as she begins to prove that she is being haunted by something she cannot even see.

So, there you have it guys, our picks for the top five films coming out next month.

We hope, you enjoy them!