Escape from Pretoria - Based on a real-life story!
Added: 27.02.20

It's about a plot of escape from prison by three young politicians held captive in jail back in the year 1979.

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The Messiah - A Faith-Based Thriller by Netflix
Added: 26.02.20

Netflix's Messiah series season 1 introduces an enigmatic character whose identity is yet to be fathomed.

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Sherlock Holmes - Season V
Added: 25.02.20

Ready for another season folks? Well! You have to wait a bit more for this thrilling and exciting blockbuster Sherlock Holmes.

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Mandalorian is one of the most interesting projects!
Added: 22.02.20

The Mandalorian is one of the most interesting projects in the TV world. The idea of creating shows for streaming services is very interesting, and The Mandalorian is a prime example of what quality you can expect from streaming content.

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Fantasy Island (2020) - New life for old history!
Added: 19.02.20

Fantasy Island was a great TV series from the 70s but now we are bringing it to the next level with some interesting adaptation and cool ideas. The series itself is about a magical island resort and it has a horror twist to all of it.

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