Top 5 Movies Every American Wants to Watch in 2018
Added: 21.02.18

2018 is here and big things are already happening. If there is one thing we know for sure, 2018 is going to be the year of cinema. This year, we are going to see best movies of all times in cinemas. No doubt, within few days into the New Year, it is alrea

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4 TV shows that you should watch right now!
Added: 13.02.18

There are new TV shows launched every week. Some make their mark, while some get forgotten with time. It is all the TRP game! However, there are certain TV series which have wooed the audience well.

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Best Comedy Movies of 2018
Added: 02.02.18

Are you hoping for something that will make you laugh extremely hard this year? We have searched the internet to provide you with the best comic movies of 2018. These are most anticipated comic movies of 2018 and you will definitely love them.

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The Best Comedies of 2017
Added: 17.01.18

Most recently, it is tasking to distinguish great movies into specific genre as the best of them often mix drama and action, humour and pathos. Most of the funniest movies in early 2017 have been the bleakest.

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4 Reasons That Make #1 Movies Website the Best Platform to Watch Movies Online
Added: 25.12.17

Everyone loves watching movies. They can fix your mood, make you happy, help you pass your time, be educational and help you get away from your mundane life for an hour or two. They create a charm that is not avertable. And we all love it.

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