Marvel Black Panther: Do you know him well?

It was for the first time when a superhero movie had been nominated in Golden Globe awards. The film had grossed more than $150 million at its opening weekend. Yes, it’s no other but that of Marvel Black Panther.

By the way, not only one but the movie had been listed under different categories, namely best score, best original song, and outstanding drama. The film has marked a new history in the world of cinema by breaking the records on the Box Office.

Few people are not aware of the Black Panther facts that the character came into the picture for the first time in July 1966. As per, after a few times in the same year, a comic with the name “Black Panther Party” was released.

But they do not have any relation to each other. To avoid any confusion, the makers had changed its name to Black Leopard in 1972, as per the sources of Hollywood Reporter.

There are still many exciting marvel Black Panther information! So let us uncover some of them here;


Marvel says the very first appearance of the character was in “Fantastic Four” issue No. 52 back in 1966. You can also see his adventures in “Tales of Suspense” with Captain America. Not only this, but you can also find him in “The Avengers” and “Daredevil.”

After 1994, you can see him in many cameo appearances in comics and animated movies. Recently in 2016, he debuted with the movie Captain America: Civil War. In July 1973, he had gained more attention as a starring feature in “Junglee Action.”

T-Challa from Wakanda

The other name of Black Panther is T’Challa, king of an African country named Wakanda. His place is advanced in technology and full of luxury. Wakanda is inspired by Wah.Kon.Tah that is an Osage word for indicating ‘god.’

As a sovereign king, his primary responsibility is to save Wakanda and its natives. After all, it is a nation that consists of the highest valuable metal existing on the planet, and everybody wants it.

He also got the title as King of the Dead since he is the king of Wakanda. The country consists of Necropolis (also known as the city of Death), a place where all the older Black Panthers are buried.

The Rise of Super Hero

The character was known to be the first-ever black superhero as per the Marvel and created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Initially, he was also known as Coal Tiger. He is one of the notable characters of the MCU who has gone through many changes in its looks.

At his first debut in the comics, Black Panther wore up a black colored concept costume. It has other yellow-colored designs with black stripes. He was having a big collared cape and prominently displaying characters like “T” and “C” that indicates his original name.

He has the power of all!

T’Challa is the most potent Black Panther of all time! It has been confirmed in Fantastic Four issue 608, portrayed by Giuseppe Camuncoli and penned by Jonathan Hickman.

Bast, she is the protector of cats and an Egyptian Panther Goddess of the Marvel universe. She is responsible for bestowing the power on him by providing him the knowledge and strength of every previous Black Panther’s.

To remember, he is a superhuman who got special powers like speed, strength, ability to heal fast, and acute senses. He used Infinity Gauntlet in the series of Secret Wars.

Love Life and Breakup

At his teenage, marvel Black Panther fell in love with Ororo Munroe or Storm. Later they have separated and again united to marry each other in the presence of their family and friends as a massive Wakandan wedding.

After some time, they have gone for a diplomatic tour. They were separated after being with each other for more than six years. It is because he was not happy with her for giving preference to X-Men in place of Wakanda to save the nation from an attack.

Filming and Cast

In the year 1992, Wesley Snipes was interested in presenting the character on the big screen. The development of the film was also continued for about four years. But, Lee didn’t like the script, and the project went on hold. After that time, filmmakers have tried to enrich the writing and keep searching for the right director and casts.

In 2016 Ryan Coogler was officially confirmed to be the director after considering F. Gary Gray, Ava DuVernay, and John Singleton. The film has got some fantastic songs from “Black Panther: The Album”. Kendrick Lamar created it.

Do you remember where else you had seen Michael B. Jordan, the bad guy of the movie Killmonger? He is also a Human Torch, a superhero of the Marvel, lastly seen on Fantastic Four movie.


He is a member of many teams in the Marvel’s Comic Universe like Avengers, Illuminati, the Secret Avengers, the Defenders, the Fantastic Force, and the Ultimates. You can also spot him in many video games like Super Heroes 2 of Lego Marvel, and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

As per issue 4 of A-Next, the son of Black Panther or T-Chaka got the title Coal Tiger. It is because he can transform into a werecat having many superhero capabilities like his father.

The credit of this story goes to Tom DeFalco and graphics by Ron Frenz. He first was joined the team Avengers only to spy on them and as a kind need of helping people. But later, he started trusting them!

Life as Antagonist

You might be unaware of the few Black Panther facts that he was debuted as a villain in the 52nd issue of Fantastic Four. They got an invitation from Wakanda to reach the African nation by sending a flying car.

After their arrival, they have to face the attacks of Wakandan warriors, traps, and the Panther. He was successful in defeating them individually! But their combined powers had overpowered the panther’s efforts to gain the win for them.

The Interest of Wesley

As specified earlier, Wesley Snipes was interested in playing the role of Black Panther on the big screen in the early 1990s. Later he had been selected in Blade. But he didn’t stop! He put his efforts regularly to make his dream turn into reality.

He wanted a script that would focus on Asian, black, and white people since that time. The project has undergone through about three different versions, and finally, it was finalized in 2018, really a long wait for him!

He was about to be Killed

According to an old comic series of Marvel, its superheroes were turned into zombies after the infected Sentry was hit New York City. They started eating the residents of the planet, but Hank Pym was interested in tasting the Panther and cut a few pieces of his body.

But T’Challa succeeded in escaping from them. By the way, when he is not available or injured, some other people became Black Panther, one among them is his sister named Shuri.

So, we hope you have got to know fascinating marvel Black Panther information. Chadwick Boseman has signed a contract with the makers, and Black Panther 2 is supposed to be release on 2022. Therefore, these Black Panther facts can help you with more enjoyment of watching him next time!

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