The “Devil from Hell’s kitchen” first appeared in 1964 in Daredevil #1, and while he hasn’t gained as much fame as so many other Marvel Characters, he is just as super cool as you can get. And I bet there is still a lot you never knew about this Marvel superhero with the horns. But just who is Daredevil?

Who is Daredevil?

Matt Murdock aka Daredevil is a Marvel vigilante who relies on his Radar sense to give him a 3D vision of his surroundings and battle enemies. Yes, that’s because he is blind. But, of course, you already know that. He is a creation of the incredible writer Stan Lee, artist Bill Everett and Jack Kirby, and as an orphan, he was raised and trained by a man named Stick. For a blind man who can spot, attack and counter danger, there is so much intrigue and awesomeness about him that can make you become a fan at first sight. And just as with so many other superheroes, there is so much Daredevil information the fans don’t already know about, and so we are bringing to you a list of interesting facts about the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Interesting Daredevil facts every fan should know

1) His radar sense far surpasses Spiderman’s spider-sense.

Even Mr Lee attested to this. The “man without fear” can see up to 150 yards radius (despite being blind) without even concentrating. And whereas Spiderman can also sense at split seconds, Matt Murdock is always aware of what’s coming minutes away.

2) His suit wasn’t always red.

You like the outfit, right? Well, surprise, surprise! Our darling superhero once rocked a yellow suit, bright yellow tights at that! It was an acrobat suit basically because Matt is well-skilled in acrobatics. That was in the original comics, and the yellow only lasted a year — figures, it didn’t appeal to them any more than it does to you and me — and was replaced with the signature red we’ve come to love the following year.

3) He led the evil ninja clan.

Not out of evil or under the influence of any red kryptonite, but the horned Devil once became the leader of an evil ninja clan simply because having him as the leader prevented the uprising of an evil maniacal leader, Kingpin. Having to battle Kingpin and the hoard of ninja would have been way more terrible.

4) He has teamed up with DC’s Batman.

Marvel and DC do not always go on collabs but having Daredevil and Batman on the same set was an imagination too intriguing to pass. In Daredevil/ Batman: An Eye for an Eye, they both had a super nerve-wracking edge-of-the-seat duel before teaming up to go faceoff with the bad guys. In the Unlimited Access crossover event, and Batman/Daredevil: King of New York, the two amazing superheroes also featured together. The duet is even more interesting knowing the same guy; Ben Affleck has filled both costumes.

5) He’s a victim of depression.

He’s human, right? Behind the super red suit and super senses lies a man just like you and I who isn’t immune to feelings, emotions and life challenges. In the comics, he alluded that depression takes everything good from his life. After losing his girlfriend to death, he even contemplated suicide.

6) He promised not to become a fighter.

Matt’s dad’s dying wish was for Matt not to become a fighter.  For that reason, Matt absorbed the taunts from his classmates even when he could finish them off in a second.

7) His super senses are just so way awesome.

For a blind guy, you imagine their other senses would be heightened. But when it comes to the Man without fear, this is taken more than a million notches further. Matt once identified the age of a 16-year-old girl and her 2-month old child simply by sensing her heartbeat from three blocks away. He also was able to detect a sniper from two blocks away by sensing the smell of the gunpowder. He acknowledges this and even goes to say he could tell how many grains of salt are on a pretzel, to show how proud he is of his super senses.

8) He’s on the Avengers team.

He initially declined offers to join the Avengers claiming his life was already so messy, but later obliged and became a regular character of the Avengers from 2011 to 2013.

9) He found his sight more than once.

Matt’s blindness is a core defining feature of who he is since this is what gives him his super-heightened senses. But on a few occasions, he had gained normal vision, thanks to magic. The first time was when the Moon Dragon, a powerful character, restored his sight to solicit for his help. But giving him his sight meant striping him of his super senses, and so he made the Moon Dragon revert to his blindness.

10) He had a marriage which ended up a total disaster.

The Devil from Hell’s Kitchen has had so many popular love interests including the Black Widow, Karen Page and even Elektra. But only a few know that he got married to a blind woman. After saving her from a near-miss accident, Matt started seeing the blind Milla Donovan, and they ended up walking the aisle. But as the depression victim battling the death of his former girlfriend, things go spiraling down in his new relationship. It ended up with Mrs. Murdock going crazy and killing someone. Although Mr. Fear drugged her, nothing was ever going to be the same again as she was locked up in an asylum for life.

11) He fought his doppelganger, Hellspawn.

Many a time you get to see superheroes fighting their evil clones, and it is the same with our horned red-suited hero. During the Infinity War crossover event, a lot of superhero doppelgangers were created by the Magus, AKA Him or Adam, and Daredevil met his doppelganger, Hellspawn. Hellspawn was a huge red devil with fangs, claws, a razor-sharp tail, wielded a spiked billy-club and had Daredevil’s super senses. To top it all, he is untraceable by Matt’s radar sense, and this proved an almost impossible battle for the superhero. He had to call upon his old love interest, Elektra, and together they defeated Hellspawn.

12) He faked his death.

Daredevil’s doppelganger, Hellspawn, caused a whole lot of nuisance until Daredevil and Elekta finally killed him. As he died, he took on his human form, that is, Matt’s form all plain and grey. Matt saw this as an opportunity to fake his death and get those trying to figure him out off his back. 

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