Among the Marvel characters, there is one who has proven to be one of the strangest of all! Doctor Strange. For a person whose name is Strange, why not? But who is Doctor Strange, and what makes him yet the strangest of all? 

Who is Doctor Strange?

Doctor Stephen Strange has been a Sorcerer casting spells all over the Marvel Universe for more than 50 years ever since he first appeared in the Marvel comics in 1963. Despite not reaching the kind of prominence attained by the likes of Captain America or Wolverine, he is one of the most powerful superheroes of the Marvel Universe, and his powers revolve around his body. But he wasn’t always that powerful.  He was once nothing but a neurosurgeon curing people using a little bit of magic until his hands were rendered useless in a car wreck. This feeling of worthlessness drove him to find every possible means to make him useful again, and this led him to the Ancient One who died to make strange the new Sorcerer Supreme, the greatest sorcerer in the universe! 

As a creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Doctor Strange information presents so many inconsistencies, and this is given by the fact that he has lived for such a long time. But these inconsistencies are even a boost to his weirdness, and after reading to the bottom, you may yet find out he’s so much stranger than you’d ever known. So follow us as we bring to you amazing Doctor Strange facts you probably never knew about. 

Interesting Doctor Strange facts you need to know

1) He was there when the Earth was created.

If you think Doctor Strange is as old as the Earth, you might want to hold your thought for a moment. Dr Strange isn’t even billions of years old like the Earth, although he is much older than he looks. What happened was that Stephen got to know that the Earth was about to die. This was revealed to him by Eternity, the embodiment of the universe. Stephen tried to save Earth but failed, and so the Earth and everything in it was destroyed. But this was simply the handiwork of Nightmare, a powerful villain. Stephen Strange was later able to free Eternity from Nightmare’s control, and Eternity recreated the Earth as it was and all the people with their memories just before the destruction. And Strange lived through this re-creation, with his body being made of the old Earth. 

2) His powers revolve around his body and caused him physical pains.

Although the nature of his powers has been so inconsistent like the story-writers, Doctor Strange’s powers have always been seen to be quite physically draining for him. There was a time he created an indestructible magical cell. Hulk gave the walls of the cell such an enormous hit that it caused so much pain to Doctor Strange, making him pass out as the magic cell goes into thin air. To lessen the pains, he created a monster to absorb them. 

3) He lost his eye in a battle with the demons.

In a frenzied battle with the demons, Doctor Strange had to practice dark magic to defeat the enemy, and this cost him his left eye. He covered it with an eye patch, but Dormammu — which has been destroyed by Strange before this — slipped into the eye patch and gradually filled the Sorcerer Supreme with its essence. Nevertheless, the eye patch was removed when Agamotto placed Silver Dagger’s eye into the socket. 

4) He is an excellently trained martial artist.

Besides the sorcery, Stephen is just as tough physically and mentally. Defenders #9 shows him holding grounds with Mantis, one of the Marvel’s best martial artists. In Strange Tales #130 and 131, he gets attacked unawares by a hoard sent by Mordo, and before he thinks of casting any spells, his kicks and punches have sent his attackers rolling on the floor. 

5) He doesn’t eat like you and I.

To be as powerful as he currently is cost the good Doctor a lot, one of which is to eat food that “tastes like leprosy.” But this was only revealed after Jason Aaron took over the writing of the movie in 2015. He felt the Doctor was too powerful, and such powers have to come at a cost. The poisonous foods will eventually kill Stephen, but for now, he gladly eats them if that’s what it takes to save the world. 

6) He can’t just fall asleep, and for good reasons.

It’s not like sleeping doesn’t come to him, but to be alive to save the world, dreamland is the last place the Doctor wants to be. His core rival, Nightmare, directs the play every time Strange falls asleep, and this means Strange becomes utterly powerless in his sleep. In Strange Tales #122, he was attacked in his sleep by Nightmare, but thank goodness he had his wits to save him even without his powers. So now, he has to keep from falling asleep altogether. 

7) He’s much older than he looks.

When he became the Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen was told that he could live for as long as he wanted so long he played his cards right. The Lost Generation limited series portrays Doctor Strange as being as old as the Marvel Universe. The magic keeps him from aging any.

8) But he is no longer Sorcerer Supreme.

Although he is still very much referred to as the Sorcerer Supreme, he lost this status so many times over by getting defeated. In the World War Hulk arc, Strange got his hands shattered by the Incredible Hulk, making him lose a huge chunk of his powers. He was only trying to be reasonable with Hulk, but Hulk isn’t getting any of the reason. Well, our good Doctor is never going to be Sorcerer Supreme again. 

9) His body lies helpless a lot.

A very crucial aspect of Doctor Strange’s powers is the ability to astral-project. When he does this, he can move past solid at lightening-speed, but all his powers go with his astral self, and his body is left vulnerable and will die if his spirit fails to return after 24 hours. Mordo once stalled Stephen’s spirit from returning and possessed his body. But Stephen remains very witty and defeated Mordo.

10) And alas! He has a bane: Bullets!

This is rather unusual given his powers, but a character is just as good as the writer portrays them to be. When Denny O’Neil replaced Lee and Ditko, the new writer deemed it fit to create a funny weakness in the all-powerful Doctor Strange. He created Mr Rasputin, a character who valued science over magic, so when he attacked Doctor Strange, he came with a gun. After realizing the bullet injured the Doctor, he sent an assassin to finish him off. 

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