Debuting in 1962 in the Marvel Comics The Incredible Hulk, The Hulk has gone from being just a green colored humanoid to becoming an iconic superhero who’s physique and poor vocabulary has been ingrained in the minds of a million Marvel fans. His superpowers are typically vast strength and healing capabilities, whereas he has a physically weak and socially withdrawn alter ego, and he goes by the name Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. The Hulk was birthed out of the frail physicist Bruce Banner due to a gamma-ray exposure, but both personalities live independently and are constantly at each other’s throats for supremacy.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the green Goliath has appeared all over Marvel Comics, television, film, and even his video games ever since his first debut. His brutality and crudeness make the Hulk such an exciting character, and by featuring in almost every Avenger Comic series and films, he has become one of the most popular characters in Marvel Multiverse. But there is so much interesting Hulk information than lies beyond his superhuman strength, green skin, and gigantic ugly frame. So grab a seat as we bring to you interesting Hulk facts every fan needs to know.

Interesting Hulk facts

1) His debut

The Hulk first appeared in a Marvel comic bearing his name and fully focused on him — The Incredible Hulk #1 — in 1962. The comic was tagged, “Is he man or monster or… is he both?” 

2) Why he was created

In the early days of Marvel, the writers and directors realized that their fans were more excited by the weird and monstrous characters. In fact, the most popular Marvel character then was “The Thing” because of his monstrosity and less-than-perfect personality. As any businessman looking for more sales would do, they had to create a similar character that would also bring in more fans, hence the creation of The Hulk.

3) His origin story

Bruce Banner was a normal young scientist — well, less than your normal average guy given his physical frailness and inclination to avoid social interactions — until he was involved in a gamma radiation experiment that changed his life forever. He was out on a field one day to test the effect of gamma radiation on the field. He had already activated the nuclear bomb when at the last moment, he realized he wasn’t alone; there was a kid, Rick Jones, on that very field. In an attempt to save the teenager, he ran towards him and pushed him into a trench, but at that very moment, the bomb detonated, leaving Bruce exposed to the radiation. The result? Every time Bruce goes mad, his whole personality changes, and what you get is a green, angry giant with super strength. 

4) Well, it wasn’t accidental

In the Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man #3.1, 2014, it was revealed that the gamma bomb was altered by Bruce Banner’s old acquaintance Tony Stark. This means whatever caused the metamorphosis — if you choose to call it that — wasn’t just mere exposure to gamma radiation. So we have Tony Stark, rather than just the nuclear bomb, to thank for making Bruce Banner a superhero.

5) His abilities 


The human part of the superhero, i.e., the physicist, has a genius-level intellect. As the Hulk, he is graced with invulnerability, superhuman strength, stamina and durability, anger empowerment, and regenerative healing factor.

6) The green giant didn’t always emerge out of anger

In the first two issues, it was shown that Bruce Banner experienced the body transformation only at night and not after losing his temper.

7) And he wasn’t always green

In his debut, the Hulk wasn’t of the green color we know him to be today. He was gray in that first issue, but the creators realized that there were different shades of gray, and as a result, the Hulk’s complexion was ever-changing. There was a need for consistency, and so they decided to change the color completely. It was changed to green.

8) The original series was canceled

The Hulk didn’t get his expected popularity after the first series. After the first six issues, the original series was canceled altogether. He gained his popularity only after he joined the Avengers, and the writers were even hesitant to include him in this world-class team of superheroes given his history of failure.

9) He was inspired by Victor Hugo’s talking, The Hunchback from Notre Dame

The Hunchback from Notre Dame, written by Victor Hugo, was an influencing factor in the creation of The Hulk since both creatures were somewhat misunderstood. Another source of inspiration was the Jewish folktale of Golem, a dumb creature possessing immense strength. The Hulk is also very powerful, and his speech and vocabulary are highly crude.

10) He’s got a lot of weird nicks

The Hulk has been nicknamed the Jade Giant, the Green Goliath, the Gray Goliath, the Green Golem, and Mighty Bob.

11) There is nobody who doesn’t know the Hulk.

The Hulk is not only the most popular superhero in Marvel multiverse; he is indeed the most recognized character in the world. Next time you go near a baby, yell out loud, “the incredible Hulk is coming” and watch the baby’s reaction. On second thought, please don’t do that. 

12) Bruce gets powerful when Bruce gets angry

Bruce Banner is weak, social, and invisible, and only becomes significant when he gets angry. When he gets angry, he transforms into the Hulk, and his strength grows in proportion to his anger. Hulk gets absolutely powerful when Hulk gets absolutely angry.

Word of advice, do not get on Bruce’s bad sides.

13) He has a lover

Bruce has a longtime lover known as Betty Ross. Betty’s father, General Thaddeus Ross, never approved of the relationship, but when the Bruce transforms into the Hulk, he saw a new use for Bruce, using him as a military bio-weapon. But he never succeeded.

14) Red Hulk

When Marvel realized people’s excitement in the Hulk character was dropping, they launched a new type and color of Hulk to spur people’s interest once more; The Red Hulk! The Red Hulk was a villain who did terrible things, including stealing the Silver Surfer’s board. His identity was later revealed to be General Thaddeus Ross.

15) Monster Mash

During a Marvel-DC crossover, Marvel characters were merged with DC characters, and the Hulk was merged with Solomon Grundy to form a character known as Skulk, who worked for Dr. Strangefate, a merging of Doctor Strange and Dr. Fate. The whole story was supposed to be exciting, but it was instead a disappointment.

16) The person behind the character

Lou Ferrigno, a bodybuilder, has played the Hulk in every live-action Hulk adaptation, including a cameo appearance in Ang Lee’s The Incredible Hulk, and as the voice of the Hulk in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Richard Kiel would have been the choice for the role, but he wasn’t bulky enough.

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