10 Untold Iron Man Facts

You might be well aware of the movie Iron Man released back in 2008. No doubt, he is one of Marvel’s bestselling characters. It is a billion-dollar franchise of Marvel. There are many iron man facts still hidden from the public!

Till now, People appreciate much watching a wealthy playboy who fights with crime using a specially made exoskeleton. But for the makers, it was not the simple job, since to finalize the script, it took about 20 years from its initial planning.

According to official sources, about 30 writers have worked on its script, a big reason for the delay in the project. It was the first self-financed movie of the Marvel who had partnered with Paramount pictures for its distribution.

Do you know first the makers had planned to create the movie in low-budget and to be more risk-free? They also planned for Stuart Gordon as director! So, like this, there are many other interesting facts that you might be excited to know further.

There are many Iron man information that still many people are unaware of even after watching his movies more than one or more times. So, this post will be dedicated to enhancing your general knowledge with some rare iron man facts. He is a common man who can use superpowers with his powerful irony attire.

The inspiration of Avenger’s Movie

If you remember precisely, then Nick Fury had done a cameo appearance at last of the Iron man movie. Well, for creators, it was just for some twist for fun. But, this idea made the creators to think about a movie where many of Marvel’s characters can unite together and fought with wicked minds to save their universe.

Gregg’s Best Contribution behind the Agent’s Character

As per the original script, the agent’s role was not been focused much and written as only a small cameo. But later, it was only because of the efforts of Gregg, as a result, the character of Agent Coulson had been titled. Also the role was elongated more to add more chemistry of him with other characters.

Robert Downey Jr. was not the Highly Paid Cast

Many of us might had thought that Robert was made a lot and highest money with his outstanding performance for making the Iron man’s role turned into reality on the big screen. But, the truth is not the same.

Yes! It was Howard who has been signed for $4.5 million as the highest-paid artist. One reason might be the fact that Howard was a known personality from the 2008 movie Hustle and Flow.

No Pre-Planned Script

Jeff Bridges had confirmed an exciting fact behind the making of the first installment of Iron man movie! They only had a brief outline of the story, but it didn’t consist of dialogues. Instead, during the shooting days, both Jeff and Downey Jr. had planned to add dialogues while working with the writers on phone calls.

It might be a reason why we can see many humorous punches based on other Marvel characters in the movie for fun. It was something serious for them to try out but it worked well for its viewers.

Iron Man had been promoted much before its Release

The Irony superhero has got much attention after the great success of the movie loved by the critics and audiences. But, do you know Marvel was not sure whether their efforts towards the film would be going to work or not.

They thought their hero was just a Robot, and no one would like to watch him fighting with the evil superpowers. Hence, they had gone for a massive media blitz. Also, he made three animated short films under “Iron Man Advertorials,” focusing mainly on kids to increase his awareness among them.

Good Luck of Jon Favreau

We all know about the work of Favreau, who had directed the movie Daredevil! A rarely known iron man information among its fans is he was not the first choice of the creators to present their Iron man in the cinematic world. Because before him, Nick Cassavetes and Joss Whedon were in talks.

Quentin Tarantino also showed his interest to not only direct but also write its script. At last, we can say it was the luck of Jon(or might be for his audiences) who got and taken the benefit of the opportunity. He had done a great job to direct the Irony superhero of the Marvel.

A Big Responsibility of Marvel on Iron Man

The time when the movie was in the development stage, there was significant pressure on the shoulders of its makers, especially director Jon. It is because, in those days, Marvel is not doing well.

At that time, they took the risk to sell the rights of all the characters owned by them. It could happen if this movie turned out to be a disaster on the box-office. But, it seems like even God does not want to stop Marvel from entertaining humans from their un-natural superheroes those who fought for the right things to save the world!

The Controversial Photo

If you search the Internet then, you might get a photo of a makeup artist touching up the face of Robert. He is handling a newspaper having the front headline as “Who is the Iron Man?”

This photograph was captured during the filming of the movie by Ronnie Adams, who was a freelancer. Later the pic was available on the Internet in May 2007.

An interesting fact regarding the same is Paramount was not do anything for this because it was taken legally. So they didn’t get permission to use this photo in their movie, and later, Marvel has removed it from their further movie releases.

Iron Man – Not for Howard

As specified earlier, Howard was the highest-paid member in the list of cast. But he claimed that the makers were initially contracted with him in $8 for all the installments of Iron Man, but they had offered him only $1 million. Finally, the role goes into the hands of Downey Jr.

Also, the director was not happy with the performance of Howard as Rhodey in the movie. He had shooted Howard’s sequences many times to make them look good! What would you think? It might be Howard’s disappointment that we had seen in his performance, but as said, whatever happens, is for the Best!

Marvel Hates Downey Jr.

Very few people today know a secret Iron Man information. It is the fact that Marvel did not want to cast Robert for the role of their superhero. The main reason was Robert hasn’t given any single hit movie till that time. He was famous for addiction and battles as compared to his performances.

But, the director had a great belief in Downey since he wanted to have a fresh not so popular personality behind the Irony attire. The Fortune goes in favor of Robert, and it was a high turning point for his career, for sure!

It was only the massive acclimation of the movie that had inspired its makers to take the help of about 17 different VFX studios from all around the globe. They had done a great job to load the third installment with lots of visual treats for Iron Man fans! The above exciting iron man facts could have a big contribution in turning this negative character of Spider-Man movies into a positive Soul!

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