Who is Rogue? 

Ever since Rogue first appeared in the early ’80s as a villain working for an evil group of mutants known as the Brotherhood, the feminine superhero has retained a consistent spot in the Marvel comics, especially the X-Men. She first appeared in Avengers Annual #10 (1981) as a villain, but she later realized the true evil motive of the Brotherhood, and so crossed over to the good side: the X-Men.

Rogue has a superpower which she once despised as a curse. Her powers were that of involuntary absorption; that is, she has the capacity of taking over the physical strength, powers, and memories of whoever she touches, making her very dangerous and unstable. Being the adopted daughter of Mystique and her husband, Rogue was trained in physical combat because she lacked any real physical superpowers besides absorption. Howbeit, her breakthrough came when she met with and absorbed the powers of Ms. Marvel, making her one of the most powerful and fearsome mutants among the X-Men.

The beautiful, yet dangerous superhero has gained a lot of fans since joining X-Men in 1983, but most of the fans know very little Rogue information. Her past, including her real name, was left unrevealed for a long time. So as a fan, you may want to know more about your favorite Marvel character, and so we’re bringing you interesting Rogue facts you probably never knew about.

Interesting Rogue facts you need to know

She’s wary of touching people

Rogue can steal your physical strength, superpower, and even memory simply by making skin-to-skin contact with you. For this reason, she often lives in isolation to avoid hurting her friends and family. But her powers have proved very powerful because she can take an enemy’s powers from them and use the powers against the enemy.

She accidentally put her first crush into a coma

Her powers were first manifested as a child when her first crush, Cody, tried to kiss her. The kiss activated her powers, and she unconsciously drained Cody of all his energy, putting the poor boy in a state of coma. This demoralized Rogue and made her go into a state of seclusion.

Not all characters are affected by her powers

Surprisingly, some characters are immune to Rogue’s powers, especially those far more powerful than herself. She attempted kissing Magneto, and there was no power absorption, and instead, she became overwhelmed. She also tried to take Loki’s power through a kiss in X-Men/Alpha Flight issue #2, but nothing happened. She also shared a bed with the Sentry, and he, too, was unaffected.

Her turning point was her contact with Ms. Marvel

Rogue always felt hopeless because of her powers of absorption, having no other real physical superpower for combat. But all this changed when she met the almighty Ms. Marvel. Through the prolonged contact, Rogue gained the ability of flight, Herculean strength, durability, and a 7th sense. This made her feel so much super cooler than she ever was.

The length of contact defines the degree of her absorption

The longer Rogue stays in contact with you, the more of you she takes away, and the longer your powers get to stay with her until they finally return to you. She ended up stealing Ms. Marvel’s powers for up to a decade, putting Ms. Marvel in a state of coma for many years.  If the contact is brief, then she won’t be able to absorb so much.

Rogue has a normal name like you and me


Most of Rogue’s past was a mystery for decades, and this is expected given the fact that her memory was wiped by Blindspot and so she doesn’t even remember her real name. Also, no one can read her mind. But it was later revealed in the X-Men movies that her real name is Marie D’Ancanto. This name inspired her name as Anna Marie in the 2004 Rogue miniseries comics. As you can see, those are feminine names, and so her surname is yet to be revealed.

She can absorb several powers simultaneously

As long as she maintains contact with any number of persons, Rogue can steal their powers and minds. There is no known limit for now to the number of persons she can take from but has been seen to absorb the powers of 5 persons all at the same time. In X-Men: Second Coming, Rogue is seen to be in contact and collect the powers of X-23, Wolverine, Colossus, Psylocke, and Archangel all at once. She’d have absorbed that of Nightcrawler as well, but he didn’t survive the contact.

The five powers gave her such a powerful form as never seen before, and this continues to be one of the most epic moments amongst Rogue fans.

If your superpowers involve your appearance, then it works the same way on Rogue

Once absorption occurs between Rogue and her victims, it’s almost like becoming that person. She gets the memories and the powers, and if these powers have to do with physical appearance, then her physical appearance is altered as well. Like when she came in contact with the Hulk, her skin turned green, and she grew muscular. She also grew the claws of Wolverine after draining him of his powers.

She became indestructible after Wonder Man’s contact

Ms. Marvel’s powers made Rogue highly durable, but she still could get injured. However, after encountering Wonder Man, she took his indestructible form and had thus become indestructible to several weapons. The ionic energy of Wonder Man-made Rogue become immune to diseases and revitalizes her body to the point of permanent youthfulness. That’s like immortality if you ask me.

A kiss from Deadpool freed her

Initially, Rogue feared touching people because of her powers, but she later gained control and can switch her absorptive powers on and off at will. But absorbing Wonder Man’s powers took away her control once again as she became overwhelmingly powerful. This she lived with until she eventually kissed Deadpool. The healing powers of Deadpool removed Wonder Man’s effect and powers and returned her as she was before.

The Earth version of Rogue has never killed anyone with her powers

Contrary to other comic versions of Rogue, the one on earth feels bad about her powers and has never attempted killing anyone with it. She has often accidentally over-prolonged her contact with some of her victims, but they were left in vegetable states rather than dead.

Rogue ended up with Cyclops

At the end of X-Men: Evolution, it was hinted that Rogue would end up with Cyclops in the future. Well, this is quite clear given the fact that these two superheroes have a lot in common. They both left their families at a tender age, and are both scared of harming their loved ones with their powers. However, X-Men: Evolution as an animation was created not just as a continuation of the X-Men cartoon series which ended in 1997, and neither was it made to be an adaptation of the X-Men movie which was first released in 2000. It was created to be different and revolved around Rogue and Cyclops as its central characters. So you wouldn’t see the Rogue-Cyclops thing in the other adaptations.

The absorbed memories haunt her continuously.

The memories and personalities of the people she absorbed never really go away, especially those she had prolonged contact with. She could hear their voices and emotions, those of Ms. Marvel and the many other people she absorbed, in her head. It became like having a multi-personality disorder, gradually driving our heroine crazy.

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