10 of Few Rare to known Spider Man Facts

Not only in the world of comics but Spider Man is a famous personality even in the Marvel Universe or Superhero Movies!

Many exciting things about him grabs our attention to watch and love the character fighting with villains. It can be his costume, spider like powers, or to watch him swinging from one place to another using self-made rope coming beneath his wrists.

Are you confident enough to know everything about your favorite superhero? There might still be some Spider Man facts, oddities, or unusual stories that you might be unaware of till now. Kindly do go through the below points to cross-check your level of knowledge about most loveable crawling superhuman;

Leonardo DiCaprio as Spider-man?

It might be a surprise for some of you, but a hidden truth is a fact that some popular actors were almost finalized to live the role of spider-man on screens. It includes Charlie Sheen, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Pattinson, Michael Cera, Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Hutcherson, and more. But as said, it all depends on our fortune! So, due to some reasons, we didn’t get the chance to watch them living the life of Peter Parker.

Did you watch the Character other than Movies and Comics?

As a great fan, you might have watched all the movies released ever and got much spider man information. Also, you might be having a collection having one copy of all the series of comics released till now about the Spiderman.

But do you know there is a play, two live-action TV programs, and eight cartoon series as well? If you have missed watching any one of them, then you could thank this post for getting you aware of such spider man facts!

Clone Saga: A Big Reason behind Movie-making Business of Marvel

In the year 1996, Marvel has officially announced its bankruptcy. It was hard for the company to continue with its employees at this time and finding new means of income. Finally, they had decided to try their luck by making some feature films based on their supernatural characters.

So, it has been said that Clone Saga was their wrong decision. But it finally turned them on the right platform to entertain us even better on the big screen from their spectacular superhero stories. 

How many times did he die?

It is pretty emotional to see your favorite hero trying to survive for his life! A common thing that we can see with almost every hero. It is sometimes required to add a touch of reality or to show how powerful their villains are in comparison to the superheroes!

So, if we talk about our favorite human spider who always fought with the evils, he has been slain three times in history. The first time was in 2005 in The Other story arc by Morlun; next was in 2011 in Ultimate Spider-Man series 160 by Green Goblin. At last, in 2012, in Amazing Spider-Man issue 700 by Doc Ock. Did you answer it correctly before?

Spider man has Radioactive Sperm

As per Reign’s storyline in 2006, it has shown us the future of Spidey as a retired person who still does the job of a florist. He is alone because Marry Jane was died due to cancer that she had got due to the radioactive sperm of spider-man.

So it was pretty weird to see this, but it is all up to the writers since they have created his world. It might be to give a different twist to his story. We never thought about a superhero who fought with more potent antagonists to save his love would be the cause of her death one day!

Peter Parker was not the first-ever “Spider-Human”

If you think peter parker has got the unique fortune to get the superpowers of a spider, then it is not the reality! As per Journey Into Mystery issue 73, a household spider turned into a Man-spider after getting into the radioactive rays. However, later he was killed!

So, among rare spider man facts, not only Peter but about more than ten other persons are there who get the opportunity to live up with the power of a spider. For example, Dead pool, and Gwen Stacy.

Michael Jackson wanted to be a Spider-Man

An interesting fact about the MJ fans is that the King of Pop wanted to be the owner of Marvel. No doubt, he was a big fan of the Spiderman character and desires to live it in a featured film. Rumors say that Jackson contacted Stan Lee many times to get the rights of the film and make his dream turn into reality. But the deal didn’t get finalized, and we lost the chance to see a dancing Spiderman who can do moonwalking on the buildings!

James Cameron Interest in Spider-Man

In the early 1980s, Roger Corman showed his interest in working on a story of Stan Lee. As per which a Man-spider is all set to stop the nuclear war as planned with Russia. Later, Tom Cruise was chosen to play the role of Peter Parker. But the project had been closed due to specific reasons.

After some time, James Cameron has thought about directing the spider-man in his way. An astonishing spider man information to remember here is that he selected Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) to play the lead role. Also, chosen Arnold Schwarzenegger to frighten us as Professor Octopus.

Spider-Man with Barak Obama

It is pretty interesting to watch how Spidey is helping his world from different ages. In 2008, we can say President Barak Obama has got the opportunity to meet with this supernatural power.

Spider-man would probably be his favorite Marvel hero like many of us. It was surprising for the Spidey as well to see two Obama in a ceremony and decided to solve this mystery.

You can know about this complete story on the 583rd issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Now the best part about it is the fact that this was the 4th top-selling comic in the New Millennium.

Parker Parents as Government Agents

According to a standard spider man information, we know peter parker as an orphan who was taken care of and grown-up by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. As per Andrew Garfield’s films, the parents of peter were scientists. But if you have gone through the comics, then the history of his parents is entirely different.

It is something mysterious to know both Mary and Richard Parker were members of S.H.I.E.L.D! They had played a major role in various missions to save the world, including the life of Wolverine. Later, they were killed by Red Skull in a plane crash.

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