Unlike most other Marvel superheroes that were either born heroes or a product of mythology, Spider Woman’s origin took quite a different turn. For one, she was a product of a biogenetic experiment as a child.

But that’s not all. The reason Marvel came up with the character Spider-Woman was not out of the need for just another superhero, but to protect the “Spider” name from copyright. Here’s what Marvel’s then Publisher Stan Lee had to say just after Spider Woman’s debut in Marvel Spotlight #32 in 1977:

“I suddenly realized that some
other company may quickly put
out a book like that and claim they
have the right to use the name,
and I thought we’d better do it
real fast to copyright the name. So
we just batted one quickly, and
that’s exactly what happened. I
wanted to protect the name,
because it’s the type of thing
[where] someone else might say,
‘Hey, why don’t we put out a
Spider-Woman; they can’t stop
us.’ … You know, years ago we
brought out Wonder Man, and [DC
Comics] sued us because they had
Wonder Woman, and … I said
okay, I’ll discontinue Wonder Man.
And all of a sudden they’ve got
Power Girl [after Marvel had
introduced Power Man]. Oh, boy.
How unfair.”

But hey, there is so much Spider-Woman information worthy of being ingrained in the minds of all the fans the gorgeous lady has accumulated over the years. In this article, we’re presenting to you interesting facts about the often overlooked bad-ass superhero.

Interesting Spider-Woman Facts you probably never knew about

1) She was once a villain and spy

After developing her powers from the experiment at the citadel of science, Jessica Drew, a.k.a  Spider-Woman took a job as a bartender. But being a vessel of so many superhuman powers, bartending and normal life just didn’t cut it. So after killing her boyfriend accidentally, the emotionally vulnerable Spider-Woman was driven into the arms of Hydra. In Hydra’s team, Jessica was trained in espionage and brainwashed by Mentallo to think she was helping the world by involving in espionage against corporations who were secretly and gradually taking over control of the world. But the good in her returned during her first assignment where she was asked but refused to kill Nick Fury. She then turned against the Hydra team.

2) And became a private investigator

After leaving the team and feeling bad about her past, she needed a way to make up for all her wrongs. So she moved to San Francisco and got licensed as a private investigator. But her new boyfriend dumped her because she wasn’t the “normal” girl he wanted.

3) She’s been on a plethora of superhero teams

After Hydra, Jessica Drew ended up jumping from one team to another for different purposes. She has been a member of A.I.M, S.H.I.E.L.D, H.A.M.M.E.R; she also joined a team of female superheroes known as Lady Liberators and fought alongside the likes of She-Hulk, Storm, and Invisible Woman, all to find out the Red Hulk’s real identity. 

She also joined S.W.O.R.D, a government agency sworn to fight off aliens who invade the Earth.

4) She’s a single mom

Spider woman 1

After tasting death in a rather gruesome spaceship wreck, Jessica realized she needed to live a bit. She ended up having a son through artificial insemination and returned to her life as a private investigator.

5) She’s got bioelectric venom blasts

Because of the incredible amount of bioelectric energy her body generates, Jessica can project that energy from her hands and strike an enemy with the effect of a lightning bolt.

6) Her original origin story

Spider-Woman was born in London, England, as Jessica Miriam Drew but moved to Mount Wundagore in Transia. Her dad had a lab there, and while playing in the lab, she got exposed to a large amount of uranium, which made her sick. To cure her, she was injected with spider-serum and kept in an incubator for years. She eventually woke up several years later with spidery abilities as a result of the spider-serum.

7) But this story was retconned

Jessica’s origin story was retconned a few years later. In the newer version, she got her spider-powers right in her mother’s womb when her mother was exposed to a laser beam containing several spider DNA. 

8) She lost her life while time-traveling

Jessica once time-traveled to the 6th century to help her friend war against Morgan Le Fey (remember her, right? The sorceress from the King Arthur story). While time-traveling in her astral form, she soon realized her body had died. On finding her dead body, Tigra and the Shroud took the body to the Avengers in hopes of wiping all Spider-Woman memory from the world, but they ended up teaming with her in the astral plane to fight Le Fey. 

9) She is immune to radiation and contaminant

Spider-Woman is immune to virtually all forms of whatever contaminants you can find in Marvel’s multiverse. In a world prone to cosmic radiation, as well as other forms of radioactive waste exposures, Spider-Woman can go through places where no one else could survive.

10) She secretes pheromones

An immensely useful aspect of Jessica’s powers is the ability to release pheromones, giving her the power to manipulate the emotions of her unwitting victims. With this power, she can easily get you frightened, anxious, feel repulsed, or better still, make you fall in love with her. But sadly, ever since she gave birth, it appears she’s forgotten all about those powers.

11) Her status as spider totem may take precedence over her spider-serum-gotten powers

Regardless of the fact that her spidery powers began after the genetic experimentation with spider serum, the reason she developed arachnid features may well be because she was declared to be a “spider totem” which is an avatar of the “Web of Life and Destiny.” So whatever the serum she was injected with, she may well have developed some spider features anyhow.

12) She fought in the Secret Empire

When the evil Steve Rodgers and Hydra took over during the Secret Empire event, there were a lot of superheroes caught up in the web, trying to save the day yet again. Spider-Woman was among these heroes where she saved Jonah Jameson and Jennie Sheldon, who was being attacked by Kraven the Hunter. She later joined the Kingpin, Ben Ulrich, and Doctor Strange against the Doctor’s nemesis Mordo, who took several superheroes as hostage using his immense power of magic. To defeat Mordo and release the heroes, Jessica kept him distracted while Strange dealt with him.

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