Doreen Allene Green AKA Squirrel Girl is more than just another superhero. Debuting in 1992 in the Marvel Comics Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 2, #8, a.k.a. Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special, she was created by Will Murray assisted by Steve Ditko, as a 14-year superhero with squirrel sense and a fluffy tail. With these and her ability to communicate with squirrels, she may just as well be one of the weirdest and most powerful characters ever introduced by Marvel, and there is still so much Squirrel Girl information most of her fans know nothing about. Regardless, she has become so notably popular in her few years of heroism, and we deemed it fit that the fans should know more than just the squirrel tail of their favorite teenage superhero. So, together let’s unravel those amazing Squirrel Girl facts that make her entrance into Marvel’s live-action universe such an exciting one.

Amazing Squirrel Girl facts you probably didn’t know about

1) She may be the strongest of them all

For a girl with squirrel tails, she’d easily pass for a tame little teen girl but not so. Our little teen hero maintains a long list of defeated super villains under her belt. She has defeated Doom, M.O.D.O.K., Whiplash, Baron Mordo, Kraven, and so many others. To crown the list, she took on and defeated the almighty Thanos, someone who has done impressively well in battling every intergalactic hero he’s ever come across. Well, we didn’t really get to know how she was able to pull off such a feat, but the victory was confirmed by the Watcher, and everyone knows the Watcher sees everything.

2) She had a thing with Wolverine

We got to learn that Squirrel Girl once had an affair with Wolverine. This was revealed in the New Avengers, and in a later Wolverine Comic, Wolverine was seen having a sexual fantasy with Squirrel Girl in it. But looking at this from a logical perspective, Wolverine is over 130 years old, whereas our sweet little Bunny is only a teenager, so when exactly did they get to have their thing? Being that Wolverine has been a mentor for young girls in the X-Men Comics, it can be quite understandable all the same.

3) She’s virtually Deadpool’s polar opposite

Although originating from the same violent era of ’90s Marvel, Squirrel Girl bears a very conspicuous contrast to Deadpool. Deadpool is more of a funny, yet fast-paced fighter, whereas Squirrel Girl was more of an unabashedly silly less-inclined-to-fight mutant. This wasn’t coincidental but a perfectly staged move by the creators to find a balance amidst the grueling violence going on in Marvel Universe at that time.

4) She fights alongside a Trans

One of Squirrel Girl’s sidekicks in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is known as Koi Boi, a trans-masculine super freak who was pictured wearing a binder. Koi Boi is a crime fighter and goes to the field with Chipmunk Hunk as partners. This makes the Marvel Comic Squirrel Girl one of the few to feature a trans character.

5) Squirrel Girl was inspired by the creator’s ex

Squirrel girl

As you’d very well agree with me, the idea behind so many superheroes must have had an origin. Well, for Doreen Allene Green, the creator, Will Murray, had his ex-girlfriend at the back of his mind while he created the superhero. He went on to say during a 2009 interview, “I based Squirrel Girl ironically enough on a long-ago girlfriend who read comics and was into “critters”—wild animals of all types.” In addition to that, there were a lot of squirrels running around his roof, and it just clicked. 

6) Squirrel Girl has her own Avengers team

Despite being involved with several teams of superheroes over the years, her own full-time squad is the Great Lakes Avengers. Well, this team is filled with a host of bizarre characters like Flatman and Doorman (some really weird names, if you ask me) and never really came into limelight.

7) She’s not your regular mutant, neither is she completely human

Squirrel Girl is one unique superhero quite different from your regular mutants. She can communicate with squirrels and has squirrel blood flowing through her veins, but the funniest part is nobody has a clue why and how! The closest we can get is that perhaps Marvel made her so distinct so that they can have exclusive film rights over her without having to hand them over to Fox’s X-Men.

8) She tucks her tail in her pants to hide her identity

Our cute teenage Bunny likes keeping her identity secret, and so she goes to the trouble of tucking her fluffy tail down her pants. Well, this gives her an incredibly huge and attractive “butt.”

9) She went off the grid for ten years

After debuting in 1991 in the New Warriors sitcom as a fun and exciting character, Squirrel Girl was never seen until a decade later in Dan Slott’s miniseries G.L.A. She was regarded as an “incidental” character by the then Senior Executive Editor Mark Gruenwald, meaning she was unused until there came a need for including her in the comics. Well, let’s say a time of use came when the Great Lakes Avengers lost a superhero and so, Super Girl had to step in as a replacement. 

10) She saved Iron Man from Doctor Doom

During her debut comic, she met Iron Man and pleaded to fight alongside the badass superhero being a huge fan of the great badass Avenger, but Iron Man refused, saying he prefers fighting solo. She then narrated how she had a face-off with, guess who: the almighty Doctor Doom! And yes, she survived, stalling the supervillain of whatever plans he had. But alas, our two superheroes were then kidnapped by the villain, and with Iron Man’s suit stripped of its powers, it was left for Doreen to save the day. This she did by calling on squirrels to disable Doom’s aircraft and overpower him.

11) Doreen goes into battle with only one weapon: information

With an amazing squirrel tail, sharp teeth, super strength, and super agility, she goes into battle with no weapons, save for Deadpool’s cards. These cards had information on 4,522 villains, including their weakness, and Squirrel Girl believes the greatest weapon against your enemy is knowing their weakness. 

12) She’s got a clone

There are only a few Marvel Superheroes that are yet to meet their clone, doppelganger, or alter ego, and we have seen Doreen’s already. Doreen’s clone went by her middle name Allen and had the same features as Doreen. However, she went rogue when her squirrel buddy died because of humans, and so she turned rebellious against Man. She felt humans were evil and useless, and squirrels should reign in dominance instead. She would have been unstoppable but for the real Squirrel Girl, Doreen. Allen was then convinced to find a place where she and her squirrel friends could exercise supremacy, probably the Negative Zone.

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