5 Fascinating Thanos Facts that Every Marvel Fan should know

Marvel has most of the exciting characters, each having their unique qualities. If you have heard about Avengers: Infinity war then surely you might have an idea about Thanos! He is an evil and a powerful enemy of the great heroes of Marvel Universe like captain America, Thor, Iron man, and more.

He wants to dominate the earth and can twist his ideas into reality. Did you watch the movie? Well, it does not matter! But this post will give you some peculiar Thanos facts that you should know about him more.

The Idea

Darkseid has inspired the Character, and he appeared in Forever People #1 in 1970. Jim Starlin is the creator of this Evil. He considered the Metron type of personality in mind at first to form this character.

He is another DC character created by Jack Kirby. Jim Starlin (writer-artist), and Mike Friedrich (writer) have designed it. People saw him the first time in The Invincible Iron man issue 55, in Feb 1973. He is also recognized by the name “The Mad Titan.”

Josh Brolin has played the character of Thanos in the film Avengers: Infinity War. Russo brothers have done a great job behind presenting this iconic villain. It is hard for some of us to understand his mentality.

He is not like any usual antagonist who shows his power and wants to make others his slaves. But he has a kind ideology to stop the world from being over-populated. Positively, it is a good motive, but his way of achieving this is not right!


He has a genetic disorder by birth known as “The Deviant Syndrome.” So, it is the answer to the fact why Thanos appears something different! Also, his birthplace was Saturn’s moon.

He got his life from the two Eternals, namely Sui-San and A’Lars. After a few seconds of his birth, her mother was likely to kill him. It is because she saw Death in the eyes of her baby. But before happening, her motherhood stops Sui-San from doing so. He was supposed to be Eternal-Deviant Hybrid. He was born on the Titan, a reason for most of his power.

At his younger age, he fascinated with Death. Thanos tried different schemes to impress Death and gain her affection. But she refuses when she has realized the fact that his power can beat her.

He was a unique guy in his family who had grey skin, and as he grows, he out to be vengeful, even darker, and isolated. He has a chip from childhood on his shoulder, and in the process of making himself more potent, he destroyed his planet.

What makes him so Powerful?

As per a comic appearance, Thanos only snap his fingers and then turned the number of life in the whole universe to half. He is unstoppable even without Infinity Gauntlet. His main motto is to gather the cosmic gems or infinity stones to get some unique power from them.

It might be the reason why all the superheroes of Marvel’s universe have gathered together to stop him from nuking the world. You can get more related information from the comic titled Thanos: The Infinity Gauntlet.

He believes in killing people to enhance their genocidal army. By the way, his childhood dream was to be a space pirate. He knows that his powers are not worth it to make him the strongest, among other creations.

It has been said that Thanos is the only villain till now who has killed most amount of people. He slays his family once he got the power. His unique abilities include plasma energy protection, longevity, agility, Eternals superhuman physiology, durability, and superhuman strength.

Interesting Facts from Comics

His comic’s character is a lot more brutal than what we have seen about him in movies. As per a comic series, he was killed by Drax the Destroyer after many attempts. He wants to save his daughter Moondragon who was kidnapped by The Mad Titan.

You can find this character as a part of different video games, TV series, and comics. In a recent comic series, he is ruling over the universe with name as Old King Thanos. As per which he defeated many superheroes.

He also enslaved The Hulk and asked him to wipe out Captain America from his world. The ruling Titan also killed Silver Surfer and recruited The Punisher or Frank Castle or Cosmic Ghost Rider as his herald.

Do you ever imagine Thanos fly a helicopter? Yes, it happened in Super Spidey Stories, where it is funny to see a colossal titan sitting inside and controlling a yellow-colored chopper. His name was there printed on the surface of the Helicopter!

It is indigestible for many of us to believe the fact that Squirrel Girl defeated him. It happens even after being having more weight, height, and possible power as compared to her. Hence, a fantastic fact about him!

Inside Facts

You might be knowing Nebula and Gamora as the daughters of Thanos. But the reality is entirely different. He killed their families before adopting them! Also, in Secret Wars, Dr. Doom died him by reaching to his chest and pulled out the spine.

The main aim of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy was to ruin The Mad Titan. It was to take revenge for his family since the Mad Titan killed them. But as per comics Drax the Destroyer was formed by the existent relatives of Thanos. They made him capable enough like a few other people to destroy The Great Evil.

Among many children, The Great Villian had, one was Rot as a son of his companion woman (Death). After a breakup with her, he was banned from her realm. Hence, he could not meet with Death (or die) without being dependent on what type of damage he suffered.

If you are not aware of a funny Thanos information, then it is the fact that Thor hits multiple times to The Bad Titan using Power Stone, and he just smiled. The Mad Titan has a brother, Eros, also known as StarFox, who is also an enemy of Avengers.

Extra Dose

No question behind, big credit for the enormous success of the movie Avengers: Infinity War goes to Thanos as well. All the beloved superheroes of the Marvel universe come together to fight and stop him from affecting the inhabitants of the world.

The Mad Titan has got intelligence, a great strategic mind, unlimited stamina, and unmatched strength. He is also having superhuman abilities like durability, speed, knowledge, endurance, power with a silver tongue, and roguish charm. You can know more about the character from ‘The Hulk beat down’!

As per a general Thanos information, He is immortal with energy & matter manipulation and incredible regenerative ability. He can make blasts, shields, and ‘force fields’ using his mouth, hands, eyes, and chest. It is possible by firing up the absorbed cosmic energy.

Lastly, the name has been inspired by Thanatos. It is a Greek word that means Death. You are well aware of many Thanos facts, but wait! He was also known as Dione. Now you know him better than before!!!

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