Thor: A Countdown on Facts that makes him So Popular!

If you are a Marvel Freak, then no doubt, you might have also known about Asgardian god. Well, this article includes some particular points as countdowns based on thor information to uncover more about the character! So let us directly check some thor facts;

What are his Traits?

23) His weight is about 640lbs, but as per his body, he looks of about 300lbs, might be he got stronger bones. By the way, he belongs to Asgardian those people who live in denser compartments as compared to humans. He has unlimited stamina!

22) He thought he was the child of Odin and Frigga, but in reality, her mother was Gaea, who was the Earth’s epitome in the form of a female human. It would be a big reason why he has a great affection towards the Earth.

21) He got All-Tongue due to which he is capable of speaking in almost all the languages. However, this quality of the Asgardian god is not highlighted much in the movies as compared to comics. He can communicate in different styles available on earth as well as on another galaxy with fluency.

The real science that works uniquely for him behind the same is that he speaks in his native language. But before reaching the listener’s ears, it is translated immediately in their tongue, and vice versa.

20) He is one of the superheroes of the Marvel universe whose main aim is to protect the earth from evil superpowers. Also, not to forget, he is one of the founders of The Avengers team.

What should you know about Superhero?

19) He is nothing without Mjolnir, his magical hammer. Among the interesting thor facts, the highlight is the hammer that can be handled only by a worthy guy who can use its massive power like him.

18) Not only is the magical hammer, but two more items are responsible for the overall power and strength of the Asgardian God. One is iron gloves that play a big role in making him lift the Mjolnir, and another is enchanted Belt.

17) He travels from one place to another through the sky using his magical hammer. After throwing up Mjolnir in the air, he hangs up on it on the strap and moves it like a rotor of a chopper to hover from one place to another in mid-air.

16) As per the comic’s series, he needs to periodically go on Asgard to gain his immortality like other gods there. It can be done by eating Goddess Idunn’s magical Golden Apples that grow on Asgard and can be picked only by her.

15) The character has been created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and the younger brother of Lee, i.e., Larry Lieber. He got highlight from issue 83 of the comics Journey into Mystery released by Marvel Comics in 1962.

14) At one point in time in the history of the comic world, both Marvel and DC had worked together. It is to create a superhero mash-up inspired by the Asgardian God of Marvel and Orion as New Gods series member of the DC universe.

Hence, by combining both the characters, they formed Thorion. They presented him as the son of Odin like Asgardian God, but he uses a hammer known as Astro-Force but not Mjolnir.

What are surprising Thor Facts?

13) As per a comics, he had won an arm-wrestling contest in a bar. But later, he had been thrown out from there because he was started fighting.

12) Kronans abandoned earth only due to the reason that he defeated these big rock aliens. Also, they had thought everyone on the planet is powerful enough like him.

11) Till now, other than him, many characters of the Marvel Universe can use the Mjolnir. It includes Human Eric Masterson, alien Beta Ray Bill, and Captain America.

10) It is Thursday, also recognized as the day of Asgardian God. Hence, as a reference, the working title of the Thor: The Dark World was “Thursday Mourning” that was shot in England.

9) He was converted into a frog by Loki and appeared as it is in 4 different issues of the series The Mighty Thor. He further fought with the horde of rats by being a leader of a clan of frogs and later got his identity by returning to Asgard. It was written in 1986 by Walter Simonson. 

In the same battle, he got a partner frog named Puddlegulp, who got the piece of Mjolnir, and later, he became Throg. Now you can recognize him if you are well aware of the Pet Avengers team.

8) The popular character Loki that was performed by Tom Hiddleston, gained much attention. He has been admired most by audiences, the same like that of Chris Hemsworth is playing the Asgardian God.

But before finalizing these castings, Tom was actually interested in playing the role of God of Thunder. He had also given his audition to the makers. Later, they have decided to cast him as the God of Mischief.

Historical Thor Facts: What were his past Appearances?

7) He debuted as a brief appearance in a Romantic comic series Venus issue 11 released in 1950. According to its story, there is a roman goddess of a beauty named Venus, who got a machine that can help anyone to go into “the third dimension”. By the way, she lived on Venus but trying to live on Earth.

6) The character was also seen in a comic series that was based on horror stories called Journey into Mystery started back in 1952. It was based on a man who has stolen flowers from graves and sold them. But later dead ones came back to get their flowers. After his appearance, the later issues of the comics are based on his character and concluded in 1966.

5) He was thrown out to Earth by his father Odin from a kingdom of heaven, Asgard. It was due to his arrogance behavior. His father didn’t want him to know about his powers (God of Thunder).

So he was put inside Donald Blake (a disabled doctor with a bad limp) who was not having any idea about his power of being an Asgardian. He can regain power only when he is worthy enough for it.

Thor Information: An Outlook

4) The character was premiered in Issue 83 of Journey into Mystery as well as with the 15th issue of Amazing Fantasy. Now from here, the world came to know about a man with spider-like capabilities.

3) Due to high popularity, Marvel wanted to protect the full title of the character The Mighty Thor by a trademark. In 1970, the Trademark Office and US Patent granted it to the publisher.

2) Chris has prepared a lot to portray the role of The Asgardian God on big screens. According to his physique trainer(Luke Zocchi), Chris has followed a hardcore routine of bodybuilding. He gained up more than twenty pounds at once to prepare for the Marvel movies.

They worked on his different body parts. Especially on his biceps that were shown in the films, even in the third part of the Thor. In those days, he used to eat about 6000 calories every day and workout for several hours in a single routine and performed this many times in a week.

1) As a part of a bit change in their comic’s series Marvel in 2014 had reissued the comics based on him with a difference in the tagline. It stated that a female is going to be their hero. In the next year, Jane Foster, who was his girlfriend, had got the opportunity to work as Lady Thor.

She had spent much time in watching Asgardian god while using Mjolnir. Hence she also became worthy naturally when the superhero had again failed to be eligible to wield his magical hammer. Further, she also started fighting against intergalactic alien foes, frost giants, and more to save the natives of Asgard as well as Earth.

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