Wolverine has become one of the most famous superheroes today and has captured the heart of so many movie and comic book lovers. But the truth is behind the claws, and there is so much you probably didn’t know about the Marvel character. You probably would have been calling the clawed freak a different name today. Perhaps Badger. How’s that sound? But before we go on to shock you with some exciting wolverine facts, who is this Marvel superhero? 

Who is Wolverine?

Most people first saw Marvel Wolverine in the 20th Century Fox movie X-Men which starred Hugh Jackman. He is well-known for his brooding and reckless nature, instinctively using dogged force to reach his goals. He is also one of the few X-Men characters who have featured in every media adaptation of the franchise including comics, television, video games and others. But do you know that Wolverine dates far earlier than X-Men? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s now take a look at some amazing Wolverine information that’ll surprise you.

Interesting wolverine facts you probably never knew about

1) Wolverine is over 130 years old.

Due to his healing powers, Wolverine never gets old. His youthfulness replenishes by the second, and he is believed to be around 130 years old, enough time for him to feature in World War II alongside Captain America. Wolverine speaks seven different languages fluently, and is an expert in Samurai sword fighting. 

2) The Wolverine character was first introduced in a Hulk movie.

Guess you thought you were among the first to see Wolverine in the 2001 X-Men Comic but sorry to disappoint you, Wolverine was first unveiled way longer than that. Back in 1974, he was first introduced as a villain in the Incredible Hulk. He was sent by the Canadian Air Force to combat the Hulk when the latter wandered into the country. 

3) Logan isn’t his real name.

Contrary to what we were originally made to believe, Logan isn’t Wolverine’s real name. James Howlett is. But how’s that sound? Better to stick with Logan. 

4) Someone else was originally supposed to play the Wolverine role.

The first choice cast for the Wolverine role was never Hugh Jackman but Dougray Scott, a Scottish actor. Howbeit, fate played its cards, and here we have it, and there are no complaints. 

5) He was almost named Badger instead of Wolverine.

Badger was an alternate name proposed for Wolverine but never made it into the limelight. Badger wouldn’t have made a great name for the greatest Canadian superhero, would it? 

6) Wolverine has an alter-ego called Dark Claw.

At a time, Marvel and DC did a collaboration in which they merged both fantastic worlds into one universe called Amalgam. In this universe, you get to see a DC and Marvel character merged into one being, and here DC’s Batman was merged with Marvel’s Wolverine to form the most bad-ass super-freak of the century: Dark Claw.

7) He has bone claws covered in adamantium.

Wolverine’s claws were just a part of his gloves when he was first created. But later on, the claws were surgically implanted to his fists when his bones where laced with adamantium during a genetics program called Weapon-X. When the adamantium was torn off his body by Magneto, it became clear to everyone, including Wolverine himself that he’s had bone claws all this while. 

8) Hugh Jackman is way taller than Wolverine.

Confused? Don’t be; they’re still the same person. Well, they only made the 6’2″ tall Hugh Jackman appear as short as 5’3″ while being shot as Wolverine. 

9) He has heightened senses.

Wolverine is more wolf than man and can smell things as minute as light waves. He can easily discern shape-shifters and can be a human lie-detector sometimes. 

10) Wolverine is indestructible.

This makes Wolverine one of the strongest superheroes alive. Imagine getting run over by a steamroller, ripped in half by the Hulk and left for dead for three years, only to return in a 100% physical and mental condition. He even survived an atomic bomb blast. Who do you think will ever be able to truly destroy Wolverine? 

11) But unfortunately, he has a bane.

That’s if you want to call it a bane but Professor Xavier stated that the only way to truly destroy Wolverine is to decapitate him and take his head far away from the body. Well, that’s gruesome, and I hope it never happens.

12) He was supposed to have a different origin.

Wolverine may not have been what you picture today but an actual giant wolverine which mutated into human form. But that picture wouldn’t have been that exciting now, would it? Good thing they discarded that story.

13) His rival was supposed to be his father.

Chris Claremont originally intended for his creation, Sabertooth (Wolverine’s longtime rival) to be Wolverine’s dad. This storyline was also scrapped, and a genetic test by S.H.I.E.L.D confirmed they were never related. 

14) Wolverine has a son and a cloned daughter.

Wolverine had a son through his late wife Itsu and operated as Dark Wolverine on the Dark Avengers. On the other hand, X-23 is a female two-clawed Wolverine clone. She originally was a villain but now operates on the good side in Avengers Academy. 

15) He actually knows up to 18 different languages! Good Lord! 

Spending over 130 years on earth means you must have become twice as learned as the average human being. But Wolverine takes this a notch further by being able to speak 18 languages! He speaks seven fluently including Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Lakota, Cheyenne Japanese, and Arabic (besides English) and knows a bit of German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Hindi, Filipino, and Persian.

16) No, Stan Lee doesn’t take credit for this one.

We indeed have Stan Lee to thank for a plethora of Marvel characters including most of X-Men, but it was Len Wein who created this truly inspiring superhero. 

17) The character was almost dropped because he wasn’t so much fun.

The Wolverine character is more of a loner, and Marvel thought of dropping him as he wasn’t an exciting character. But we have artist John Byrne to thank for protesting that Wolverine shouldn’t be left in the comics, being that Wolverine was the only Canadian in the series. Between you and me, I think the world would never have known what they were missing out on.

18) Wolverine is insusceptible to alcohol and poison.

Never take Logan on a drinking competition, you’d end up in your vomit with him grinning from ear to ear at your mess. His healing powers make him resistant to toxins, poisons as well as alcohol.

19) Jackman has just one more go at playing Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman has alluded to the fact the next Wolverine movie would be his last, and he feels happy and grateful for having a 17-year run of superheroism. “It was the right time to do it. And let’s be honest, 17 years. I never thought in a million years it would last, so I’m so grateful to the fans for the opportunity of playing it.” It’s almost nostalgic already. 

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