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Ages: 12+
 Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Khadijha Red Thunder
Summary: Tessa Young is a devoted student, loyal daughter, and faithful girlfriend to her high school buddy. Starting her first semester of college, Tessa’s watched the world open up when she meets Hardin Scott, a secretive and agonizing revolutionary who makes her inquiry all she considered herself and what she truly desires.
Directors: Jenny Gage
Genre(s): Drama, Romance
Rating: PG
105 minutes

What’s The Story?

The movie After is an adult romantic movie which is directed by Jenny Gage, this movie is entirely based on the Anna Todd’s book After which was published in 2014. Anna Todd initially published her book on for free on Wattpad and got a few million book readers. Later she published the second part of the book when she got a positive response from her readers. The cast of the movie includes Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford.

The movie was released on 12th April 2019 only in the United States by the Aviron Pictures. It was a business achievement, earning $70 million worldwide against a $14 million financial plan.

Just after the high school, Tessa Young joins a college, where she decides to live in a dormitory all by herself. There she meets Steph and Tristan who are her dormitory roommates.

The next morning Tessa makes a new friend Hardin Scott who is also Steph’s friend. Steph calls Tessa to a house party, which she refuses to go, yet is convinced to go later on.

While at the party, Tessa meets a bunch of other students named Zed, Molly and Jace, and again comes across Hardin. They all play a game of truth or dare, in which the secret of Tessa’s virginity is revealed. While playing the game Tessa is given a dare to make out with Hardin, but she refuses to do so and leaves the game. Later, Tessa comes across Hardin once more, who tries to kiss her.


Following a discussion in class, Hardin comes to Tessa and demands that they should start over, telling her to come to a lake with him. While they both were swimming in the lake, Hardin comes closer and kisses Tessa, and also says that they cannot just be friends.

Then both of them head to a restaurant, where they meet Molly and Zed, to whom she says that she will tell Noah about her relation with Hardin. Hardin advises her not to, stating that he doesn’t date, upsetting Tessa. Tessa is shocked by seeing Noah in her college, and then they spend a night together by the fire.

In a game of Suck and Blow Hardin and Jace gets into a brutal fight when Jace purposely loses the game just to kiss Tessa. While Noah stays in bed Tessa’s bed after the party, she leaves to keep an eye on Hardin, who has destroyed the home in extreme anger.

The following day, Tessa returns to her dormitory to keep an eye on Noah, who gets some answers concerning her relationship with Hardin and leaves shattered. At last they both choose to date each other, but is warned by her mother that if she starts a relation with Hardin she will cut her finances off realizing that Hardin can leave a bad impact on her daughter. Hardin Scott tells Tessa that his mother was beaten by unknown men with whom his alcoholic father used to play while being drunk.

Tessa gets worried about the messages sent to Hardin by Molly. She attempts to defy him, however, he excuses her and leaves. Then she goes out of the house looking for Hardin, she sees him at a burger joint with his best friends. Molly savagely reveals Hardin’s secret to Tessa by showing her a clip from the party that they went to first, tells that he just came after her because of a dare to make her fall in love and later he will dump her by giving a lame excuse.

A stunned and devastated Tessa runs from the cafe with Hardin behind her to clarify, revealing to her he truly loves her. Tessa returns home to join her mom and Noah, who both excuse her. A few days later, Tessa when she finally disconnects socially with all her college friends, she meets them at the college reunion.

After (1)

A letter is handed over to Tessa by Prof. Soto, the letter was written by Hardin and was all about her. The letter was written to show his love for Tessa, while reading the letter she walks to the lake wher they both first met and had their first kiss. While Hardin approaches, he keeps on portraying his letter, admitting his love for her.

Is it Any Good?

What we disdained about the film was the absence to develop the feeling of love for one another. There was no smooth progress between them being unknown and hating each other only to fall in love. It made ponderousness and newness to the characters.

The movie had a slow start, however as the film advanced the story got stronger and more grounded. We would suggest this film in the event that you like sappy romantic tales and are comfortable seeing adult content. It is a decent film for the target group, however others may see it as wince.


After the deception, Tessa goes to her home and revamps her life. Be that as it may, she is still thinking about Hardin in some way; finally, she’s as agonizing as he seems to be. Toward the conclusion of the film, she and Hardin meet at the lake their so called spot showing a potential compromise in their future.

There’s lots of material for future parts in Tessa and Hardin’s sentiment. Both Anna Todd, the author, and the cast of the movie have referenced the chance of additional After films. Todd uncovered to the International Business Times that she’s set to compose the sequel.

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