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Ages: 12+
Matt Damon, Seth Rogen, Christian Bale
A former soldier, living on the streets in London, is presented a place to stay at a rotting house occupied by a young woman and her ailing mother. As he begins to fall for the young woman, he can’t overlook his feeling that something creepy is going on.
James Mangold
Action, Adventure, Drama
152 minutes
Academy Awards  (Best Film Editing/Best Sound Editing), Las Vegas Film Critics Society (Best Action Film/Top 10 films of 2019/Best Editing).

What’s the story?

Amulet which was earlier titled as “Outside” is a horror based movie that is written and directed by a newcomer Romola Garai. The movie began its production in mid-2018. The movie will be released on 24th July 2020. In an interview with the famous Matthew James Wilkinson who is the producer of Amulet was said to be “very confident to be producing movies made by two female writers who are newcomers”. He said that the movie Amulet is a “feminist based horror movie” and that Romola, as a female director, “absolutely wanted to take a deep look at what’s happening in stipulations of gender politics.”

The horror type can be a very powerful tool for discovering new challenges, often well-timed themes, and focus on a fascinating fashion. Turning these ideas into a story in a dull manner could surely work well, but what makes Romola’s feature debut in movie direction particularly memorable and effective is how those concepts come up on you. Amulet takes you in and dares you to try to place things into focus and then punches you with a whack of an ending that will leave you wanting a few more moments after the credit scenes.

The movie starts from pursuing an accident that makes him on the streets in London, ex-soldier Tomaz is taken to the perishing house of Magda, a lost woman who is in anxious need of help as she takes care of her ill mother. Though at first sight, Magda welcomes Tomaz into their lives and lets Tomaz help her in taking care of her mother. But as he makes his way into their daily life and starts to love Magda, he begins to notice a weird, unexplainable, and horrible thing. Something appeared very immoral with Magda’s mother who never comes down from the attic.


The cast of the movie includes Tomaz (Alec Secarneau) with the story that is lying somewhere between his present and past. While working as a soldier at a post which was deep in the jungle all alone, something awful happens that he takes with him to the present. In the present, an ex-soldier was offered a home to stay by Carla Juri who is playing the character of Magda. With a condition that if Tomaz helps Magda fix her home while on the other hand, she takes care of her dying mother; Tomaz can stay there for free. While this seemed to be great for Tomaz, something bad is looming, he has to deal with his own demons but also notices that there is something wrong with the house.

Is it any good?

Excuse the hazy description of the horror movies but Amulet is a kind of film which is well worth walking into something with knowing as slight as possible. There is an interesting, mysterious story of discovering that Romola handles with great elegance. The result is a ghostly, intense puzzle game that shows it’s got fairly a bit to say about genre statements, gender dynamics, and mercy upon its ending. The statements which the movie makes are direct but also taken from a shocking nightmare that Romola had scripted a class that guarantees Amulet to make a strong impression on the audience.

Romola’s direction skills no doubt had played a huge part in that achievement, and that also goes to her department heads that provide astral and exceptionally thoughtful work all over the board. The movie Amulet was filmed in three main locations that are Magda’s house, the deep woods, and the outside world. Laura Bellingham who is the director of photography makes sure that each scene is uniquely themed and captured in such a way that it further enhanced the movie characters’.

The movie Amulet is also somewhat of a performance platform for Alec, Carla and, Imelda. It’s not easy to really show the qualities of Alec and Carla’s work in the movie, but do know that managing Tomaz and Magda’s characters wouldn’t have been easy. No matter if it’s dealing with the present which is very horrific or suffering the weight of mistakes which were made in the past, Alec had his scenes cut out for him in the movie from beginning to end. Even when scenes seem to be exaggerating for the character, well-timed flashbacks never let Alec come close to escaping his mistakes.

Amulet 1

And the film-industry better stand aside for Carla because she is proving herself movie by movie that she is an outstanding actress. Carla is most likely known to the public from the movie Blade Runner 2049, but the people will not forget her brilliant performance in Wetlands which was released in 2014. Now in the movie Amulet, Carla maintains to show off her limitless range and also her natural ability to make your excitement grow. This is a very interesting story choice for the movie Amulet that Romola wrote very well. But in such mystery story is so greatly reliant on casting the character of Magda with Carla’s talent.

Romola made a perfect character casting with the actress Imelda. Imelda plays the character of Sister Claire, who is a nun that helps Alec when he needed it the most and is also the same person that introduced Tomaz to Magda. The audience needs to watch Amulet to really feel the wrath of Imelda in this particular role. The role played by Imelda was like a challenge for her and she really performed it brilliantly.


There is so much to learn from the movie Amulet as this is the feature debut movie for Romola Garai. There is too much that if someone began to make a list it would be full in no time. Amulet shows off precise attention to detail in every aspect of the movie. Then there is the brilliant cast of the movie which played a huge part to make Amulet a blockbuster. The ideas that Romola discovers aren’t something new, but when gathered and produced in such a unique way is impressive and spin chilling at the same time.

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