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Starring: Tabu, Ayushmann Khurrana, Radhika Apte
Summary: Andhadhun is a movie of a guy who pretends to be blind and is a great piano player. He gets involved in a murder and that changes his life forever and lets him a life of his dream in Europe.
Director: Sriram Raghavan
Genre(s): Crime, Thriller
Rating: NR
139 minutes

What’s the story?

Andhadhun which basically means A Blind Tune is an Indian comedy plus thriller movie which was released in 2018. It is directed by Sriram Raghavan and the movie Andhadhun is produced by Matchbox Pictures. The cast of the movie includes Bollywood stars like Ayushmann Khurrana, Radhika Apte, and Tabu. The movie narrates a story of a piano player who is blind, later accidentally he gets involved in the murder of an ex-movie actor.

The movie Andhadhun was first planned for release on 31st August of 2018 but it later got deferred to 5th October of 2018, this delay was revealed in a trailer of the movie by the producers. This movie was brought to the public by Viacom18 Motion Pictures on 5th October of 2018 in India. The production budget of the movie was around 4.5 million dollars and in the worldwide box office, the movie had made around 64 million dollars.

Ayushmann (Akash), who pretends to be a blind person, is an amazing piano player. One day while crossing the road, he was hit by Radhika (Sophie). After this accident, she takes care of him and later both of them fall in love with each other and start their relationship. Radhika (Sophie) is intimidated by his piano talent and gets him a meeting at a popular diner place which was owned by her father.

Andhadhun 2

At the restaurant, a former movie actor, Anil (Pramod Sinha), notices Ayushmann (Akash) and requests him to play the piano for his wedding anniversary. On the anniversary day, Akash comes to the Pramod’s apartment and Anil’s (Pramod) wife Tabu (Simi) opens the door. Simi knew that Akash was blind so she lets him in and told him to start playing the piano. While playing the Piano Ayushmann (Akash) notices a dead body near him which was Pramod’s but ignored and acted as if there was nothing and Akash also witnesses Simi’s lover Manav Vij (Inspector Manohar) in the flat too. They both clean the flat and hide the dead body inside a suitcase; all this was noticed by Akash while he was playing the piano.

Is it any good?

Then Ayushmann (Akash) seeks to file a case of murder to the police but finds out that Manav (Manohar) is an inspector in the police. Later that day, Tabu (Simi) overhears an old lady Mohini (Mrs. D’Sa) who is her neighbor discussing the murder of a police officer. Simi murders Mrs. D’Sa by pushing her from the top of the building. This scene was also noticed by Akash but he is bound to keep ignorance. After some time Tabu (Simi) invites Akash to her home and puts poison in the coffee and points a gun on Akash, then he exposes himself by telling her that he is not blind and is experimenting to improve his piano skills. After that Akash tells her that he will fly to London and never let anyone know about Anil’s (Pramod) murder, but this does not stop Tabu (Simi) from drugging Ayushmann (Akash).

One of the neighbor’s child who was doubtful of Ayushmann’s (Akash) blindness and decides to record a video of Akash that he can see and show it to Radhika (Sophie). As she arrives at Tabu’s (Simi) flat, Simi creates a scene that looked like Simi and Akash had a physical relationship. By seeing all this Sophie dumps Akash and is angry and heartbroken. When Ayushmann (Akash) wakes up from being unconscious he quickly realized that he was drugged by Tabu (Simi). Later Anil (Inspector Manohar) arrives at Akash’s house to murder him. Akash hardly gets away from Manohar, but while running Akash hits a telephone pole and faints.

After getting fainted Ayushmann (Akash) finds himself in an organ harvesting clinic which was illegal. In the clinic, Zakir (Dr. Swami) and his helpers Sakhu and Murli choose to spare him when Akash tells them that he has very valuable information that will turn them into a millionaire. They create a plan to kidnap Tabu (Simi) and create a suicide scene, and by using this way they will blackmail Anil (Inspector Manohar).


While doing so Sakhu and Murli decide to betray Ayushmann (Akash) and ties up Akash with Tabu (Simi) so that they both can have the money by themselves. Anil (Inspector Manohar) fires at Murli but gets himself stuck in an elevator then he fires again but accidentally shoots himself and dies. The whole plot and plan created by Akash about the money were fake. Tabu (Simi) helps Akash to untie him and after that Akash removes her blindfold. Akash then tries to run but is attacked by Tabu (Simi). Meanwhile, Zakir (Dr. Swami) comes in not knowing that the plan was fallen apart, attacks Simi, and knocks her out and puts her in the back of his car. The doctor tells Akash that Tabu (Simi) has an uncommon blood type and if they sell her organs it would bring a fortune. Dr. Swami plans to make use of Simi’s corneas for Akash’s eyes.

On their way, Zakir (Dr. Swami) wanted to kill Tabu (Simi) as she was making a lot of noise in the trunk of the car, but she hits him somehow and takes the control of the car and flees. Then she drops off Ayushmann (Akash) and proceeds to run him over. Akash was saved by a farmer who was running behind to hunt down a hare, the hare jumps in front of the car upon which Simi loses her control and dies in a car crash.


Two years later at a concert in Poland in Kraków City, Radhika (Sophie) stumble on Akash, whom she thought was still blind. Then Akash explains to her the rollercoaster of a story which happened in the past, Sophie advises Akash that he should have taken the reward of 10 million dollars and with that, he should have accepted the deal given by Dr. Swami for his eyes. After that Akash leaves the concert and on his way knocks over a can by his stick which reveals that he had taken the money and accepted the doctor’s offer and had left his home country and settled in Europe to live his dream life.

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