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Artemis Fowl is based on a novel written by Eoin Colfer which has the same title as this movie. This movie is written by Hamish McColl and Conor McPherson and is directed by Kenneth Branagh. The movie Artemis Fowl was supposed be a released in the theatres, but due to the pandemic situation it was digitally released on Disney+ on 12th June 2020.

On the coastline of Ireland, media fury descends on Fowl Manor, where a lost assortment of world-popular remainders is connected to well off businessperson Artemis Fowl. In the wake of getting captured at Fowl’s manor, Mulch Diggums is being examined by the British knowledge officials and says that his supervisor has taken the predominant “Aculos”. Providing them the proof that the magic still exists, Mulch tells the story of Artemis Fowl Jr.

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Around 3 days ago, Artemis Jr., a 12 years old mastermind, lives in the mansion known as the Fowl Manor with his father Artemis I. His father is kidnapped from his boat and Artemis Jr. gets a call from a shadowy figure, which is keeping his father imprisoned, the shadowy figure grants Artemis Jr. only 3 days to give back the Aculos, which his father has stolen and hidden. Dom, who is a bodyguard of Artemis Jr., reveals him a secret passage to their old library where the previous generations of Fowl family have kept proof of the existence of mythical creatures.

Is it any good?

Somewhere beneath the Haven City, home to a shrouded society of fairies, Mulch, is uncovered to be a hoodlum who is a larger than average dwarf person, meets Lower Elements Police reconnaissance (LEPrecon) official Holly Short as he is being brought to jail. Commander Julius Root sends off the LEPrecon to search for the missing fairy’s ultimate resource, Aculos. Foaly, who is one of LEPrecon’s innovative consultants, finds a unidentified animal has come up the surface. Holly is advised to examine the case, paying little attention to the way that her dad, Beechwood Short, who had taken the Aculos and had been murdered for his activities.

From his father’s records, Artemis Jr. gets to know that Beechwood conveyed the Aculos to his father in order to keep it hidden from the shadowy figure, who is exposed to be Opal Koboi, a powerful and evil fairy preparing to kill mankind. Examining his dad’s comments, Artemis sends Dom to watch the Hill of Tara. Holly is endeavoring to get her father’s name in the incredible books, goes to the Hill of Tara, where she finds Beechwood’s ID card yet there she is confined by Dom.

Artemis Fowl

A group of LEPrecon agents puts Fowl Manor inside a time freeze, but Dom and Artemis keep them out using the gears that belonged to Holly. Artemis insists for short’s release in exchange for the Aculos. Bound by magical rules, Root is obligatory to release Mulch from the captivity and orders him to enter Fowl Manor. Mulch dives and discovers his way into Fowl’s vault, searching for the Aculos, while Artemis releases Holly and approaches her for help.

To keep the Aculos safe Mulch swallows it while the others dodge the angry troll, which is somber when it falls from the chandelier. Dom is wounded as he saves Artemis Jr. from the Angry Troll. Holly’s co-officers go against the orders and give back her magic, and that she uses to bring Dom back to life. They are then left with the Aculos, which no humankind can understand; Artemis denies giving it to Opal and teams up with Holly to rescue his father.


When he is reunited with his son, He tells Holly that her father sacrificed his life for the Aculos, and handed her a list of Opal’s assistants. Holly returns to Haven City, where Root, arranges her to investigate each and every name on her rundown. Mulch’s investigation officer gives him freedom in exchange for Artemis Sr., but Mulch refuses and is rescued by the Fowls’.

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