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Ages: 18+
Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Paola Núñez, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig
The movie Bad Boys for Life is of a couple who is separated but has a son about which Mike doesn’t know. Isabel orders her son Armando to kill Mike and others responsible for her ex-husband’s death but fails and Armando goes to jail.
Director: Adil & Bilall
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Crime
Rating: R
Runtime: 124 minutes

What’s the story?

The movie Bad Boys for Life is an action-comedy movie which is directed by Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi. The writers of the movie are Joe Carnahan, Peter Craig, and Chris Bremner. It is a sequel to the second movie which was released in 2003 and titled Bad Boys II. The producers of the movie are Doug Bejgard, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Will Smith.

This movie was in the discussion after the success of the second part, along with that Michael Bay the director for the second part was really interested in directing the third movie but the budget was really high. The movie then had gone through numerous attempts to come in production in a decade but there was no luck. Then finally in October 2018, the movie was finalized and given a green signal to start the production. The filming of the movie started in Jan 2019 and continued till June 2019. The main movie locations were Mexico, Miami, and Atlanta.

The movie Bad Boys for Life was released on 17th Jan 2020 by Sony Pictures in collaboration with Columbia Pictures and the movie grossed around 419 million dollars globally, making it one of the highest-grossing movies of the year 2020.

Will Smith played the role of Detective Lieutenant Michael Eugene which is known as “Mike” Lowrey, Martin Lawrence played the role of Detective Lieutenant which is known as “Marcus” Miles Burnett, Paola Núñez played the role of Rita Secada, who is the head of AMMO, Mike’s ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens played the character of Kelly, Alexander Ludwig played the character of Dorn, Charles Melton played the character of Rafe, Jacob Scipio played the character of Armando Aretas, Kate del Castillo played the role of Isabel “La Bruja” Aretas, Nicky Jam played the role of Lorenzo “Zway-Lo” Rodríguez, Joe Pantoliano played the character of Captain Conrad Howard, Theresa Randle played the character of Theresa Burnett, who is Marcus’ wife, Massi Furlan played the role of Lee Taglin, Dennis Greene played the role of Reggie, Bianca Bethune played the role of Megan Burnett, who is Marcus’ daughter, Michael Bay played the role of Wedding MC and, DJ Khaled played the role of Manny the Butcher.

Bad Boys for Life

In the opening scene of the movie, we see Will Smith (Mike) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus) in a high-speed pursuit in Mike’s Porsche but instead, they were heading to the hospital as Marcus was having a grandson. Now being a granddad or Pop-Pop as Marcus likes to call himself, he decides to take retirement and be with his family unlike his partner (Mike). Marcus realizes that he is getting too old for all this shit chasing bad guys and shooting them. But his buddy Mike tries to change his mind and tries to convince him to stay in his job.

Isabel Aretas who is a widow of Benito breaks out from a prison in Mexico with the help of Armando her son. Aretas gives a task to her son Armando to recover a big amount of money which Benito has hidden in Miami, and also kill those who were responsible for his father’s arrest and death. She tells Armando to assassinate Mike Lowrey in the end.

During a celebration of Marcus’ becoming a granddad, Mike Lowrey is shot by Armando and is admitted to a coma for several months. Scolded by his mother for targeting Mike first, Armando continues to kill other people who were on his list.

Is it any good?

After his recovery, Mike was ready to take revenge from the person who tried to kill him and tries to convince Marcus to work with him, but Marcus has taken retirement which causes a brawl between them. Later Mike starts his investigation and finds the identity of Booker Grassie who is an arms dealer form one of his lead. Upon realizing that Mike won’t back out, Captain Howard takes him to work with an advanced tech team known as AMMO (Advanced Miami Metro Operations) which is led by Mike’s ex-girlfriend Rita.


The team then keeps Booker on their surveillance at an arms deal, Mike tells the team that the arms buyers have an intension of killing Booker and breaks in the warehouse and fails to save Grassie. During all this Marcus is contacted by an old lead Carver Remy, who tells Marcus that Armando is coming to kill him. Marcus pikes up Mike to go to Carver’s location but they are late to save Carver, who was killed by Armando and he escapes after having a fight with Mike.

Captain Howard gives advice to Mike that he needs to carefully place his next steps in his life carefully as the captain was also retiring, moments later we see that captain was killed by Armando, this brings Marcus back for one last time and he teams up with Mike and AMMO. They get a hold on Booker’s accountant, who offers them a lead to Zway-Lo. They perform a raid at Lorenzo’s birthday party which turns into a high-speed chase; Armando saves by bringing a helicopter and later shots him dead as he tried to distract Armando while shooting Mike. Then Armando points his shot on Mike and says “Hasta el Fuego”, Marcus fires Mike to save him and Mike falls into a river below.

The tech department AMMO is then shut down because of this failed operation. Mike tells Marcus that Armando might be his son. Long ago before Mike and Marcus were partners, Mike worked with an undercover police officer on a case there he met Isabel and fell in love; they had a plan to run away. By using the phrase “Hasta el Fuego”, Mike had a doubt. Mike then continued to do his duty and joined AMMO and Marcus to bring down Isabel.


In Mexico City, Mike again sees Isabel and confronts her for not telling him the truth about their son, a fight begins between Isabel’s men and AMMO. Marcus successfully fires down Isabel’s helicopter which crashed in the central lobby. Marcus keeps an eye on Isabel while Mike tries to explain all this to Armando that he is his father, by hearing this Armando stands with his father and gets a shot in his chest by Isabel who later tries to shoot Mike but Rita shoots her and she falls in the fire below.

After this mission, Rita has become a police Captain, while on the other hand Marcus and Mike are now the head of AMMO. Mike then visits Armando in the jail and offers Armando a chance to reduce his sentence, to which Armando agrees.

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