What’s the story?

Balle perdue (Lost Bullet) is a French movie released on Netflix. In this movie the main character is Lino. Lino is the mechanic in this movie who was excellent in his field. Lino was also very good at fighting and weapons handling in this movie. At the start, Lino was captured by the police while he trying to escape after robbing a jewelry store. He turns up the nitro gas of his vehicle to escape from the police but his plan fails.

While trying to escape he drives straight in the wall and gets busted by police. Because of the excellent mechanic skills he gets out of prison in exchange for helping police in catching the vehicles and people who transport drugs. But Lino later gets compromised when his boss (Charas) gets murdered by his colleague (Areski). Corrupt cops who murdered Charas frames Lino as a murderer of Charas. Lino finds no other way besides escaping from police stations and finding the evidence which can clear his name from the murder charges of Charas.

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The crucial evidence which can clear the name of Lino was the bullet that Areski fired to kill Charas. Lino thought that the lost bullet must likely be in his car and then he escapes to find that lost bullet. Lino fights with a lot of police officers in the station while trying to escape. After escaping from police Lino find his car and turn his car into a monster tank by using his exceptional mechanical skills. Araski after chasing Lino eventually catches him and place a bomb in the trunk of his car.

The explosion of bomb trashes the back of Lino’s car but Lino survives the explosion. After surviving the explosion Lino takes the front of the car to forensics where they extract that lost bullet from the dashboard of the car. After analysis of that lost bullet, the truth comes out that Araski was the one who murdered Charas. The fighting scenes in the police station were very well directed. In this movie, there are a lot of car trashing scenes. The racing of cars between Lino and the police in this movie was epic.

The best scenes of this Netflix movie is the car chasing scenes. Lino wreck many of the police cars while trying to escape from them. The audience may compare this French movie with other blockbuster car-based movies like fast and furious but Balle perdue has its own unique story. This movie is filled with crime and action.

Is it any good?

This French action-crime movie is full of entertainment. This is the story of a thief who gets arrested will robbing a jewelry store and then help police in catching vehicles used for drug deliveries. The story of this movie does not waste any of the time and does not bore its audience in guessing and solving puzzles. In the movie, police figured out that there is a mole in force. After some time mole was revealed and wasted no time of audience in making a big or complicated mystery.

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In the movie, the main focus was on the Lino and how he remains one step ahead from the police. This is the type of movie which gives its audience what it says in its trailer. In the trailer of the movie, there was a lot of car chasing, action, and fighting scenes. And the movie is full of action, car chasing, and fighting cops. The story of this movie was very well written. The 90 minutes of this movie is full of pure entertainment. Balle perdue (Lost Bullet) is entertaining enough to not make its audience sleep. The characters in this movie are more relatable than other action pack movies. There are many critics that the story is somewhat familiar to fast and furious but it is not.

This movie has its own story which is very well written. The fighting scene of Lino with the police in the police station when he was trying to escape was very well directed. It is easily one of the best scenes in the movie. The story of this movie is may not new but the directing and cinematography of this French action movie was superb.


Balle perdue (Lost Bullet) is a movie about a mechanic who was also a convict. Lino got caught by the police while escaping after robbing a jewelry store. He gets a task from the police to repair the police cars.

One day one of the police officers named Araski murder another police officer Charas and frame Lino. Lino then escapes from the police to prove that he is not guilty of Charas murder. There is a lot of car chasing and car trashing scenes in this movie. The action in this movie was very entertaining.

All actors in this movie played their roles very well. Alban Lenoir who played as Lino in the film acted very well and fitted perfectly in his role. Alban Lenoir also co-wrote this movie with Guillaume Pierret. Guillaume Pierret is also the director of this action pack French movie. Balle perdue (Lost Bullet) is a type of action movie which the audience enjoys a lot while watching it but the moment it is over they forget about it. This is a good movie to pass time but it is not a movie which you will remember for a lifetime.

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