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Starring: Tripti DimriAvinash Tiwary, Rahul Bose
Summary: This is a horror based movie of a small girl who has grown up with a very difficult past and has turned into a witch that hunts for men in her village. A teenage bride develops into a baffling lady administering over her family, concealing her difficult past, as extraordinary killings of men plague her town.
Anvita Dutt
Drama, Horror, Mystery
Rating: NR
94 mins

What’s the story?

Bulbbul is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language movie, composed and coordinated by Anvita Dutt. This movie is created by Karnesh & Anushka Sharma. Bulbbul set in a background of 1880’s Bengal administration, spins around child marriage and her excursion from guiltlessness to quality. On 24th June of 2020, this movie was released on Netflix.

Bulbbul is married to the Bado Thakur named Indranil when she did not cross the age of 5 years old.. She at first assumed that she is being wedded to Satya, Thakur’s sibling, who is nearer to her age. Bulbbul and Satya hang out revealing to one another tales of the black magic.

20 years later, Satya comes back to the village. It is revealed that meanwhile, Indranil’s twin kin Mahendra was executed in what is known to be a witch’s attack, Binodini, the widow of Mahendra lived in a little toilet, Indranil has long gone from the village and Bulbbul has taken responsibility for his duties. Specialist Sudip, performs routine visits to keep an eye on Bulbbul’s feet. While on a chase, one of the men is murdered, which is credited to the witch. Satya, in any case, tells that it was a human being who is behind the killings and begins to doubt Sudip.


Through a numerous amount of flashbacks, it is uncovered that Binodini had shown to Indranil that Bulbbul was in love with Satya. Thus Satya was sent to London by Indranil. Bulbbul and Satya had been growing toward writing and creating a beautiful story, the content of which Satya provides to Bulbbul before going to London. Lamented by his attendance Bulbbul tosses the script into the house heater.

After checking a couple of pages from the remains of the burned script that was tossed into the house heater, Indranil is persuaded about the fascination that Bulbbul has towards Satya and tortures Bulbbul, mangling her feet. Mahendra raped her when she was bedridden. Bulbbul becomes mentally ill because of this incident and there comes the change in her. Bulbbul is then uncovered to be the witch with her feet turned around who murders the men of the town when they tend to punish their spouses.

Sudip is taken to Calcutta by Satya on the charges of being the murderer. While going to Calcutta, the driver of the vehicle is murdered by the witch, persuading that Sudip is not guilty. Be that as it may, Satya shoots the witch and aiming to kill her, first severely injures her and then throws her into the burning forest. He understands that Bulbbul is the witch just when Sudip yells for her.

Afterward, Indranil comes back to a vacant house, after Satya’s takeoff. He is awoken from his peaceful sleep by Bulbbul, who rises up out of ashes and has come to murder Indranil as an act of revenge.

Is it any good?

  • An anticipated yet applicable storyline that takes deep and hard look at harmful manliness.

Bulbbul briefly features how poisonous manliness doesn’t show in fierce signals alone, as displayed by Rahul Bose.

It’s additionally in the recognitions that drive men to accept they own the females in their lives, and the misguided judgments that men live with, where they pretend to know more about a lady’s nature and habits than the lady herself.

  • Tripti Dimri’s splendid exhibition, capably bolstered by the whole starcast.

In simply her subsequent film, Tripti Dimri’s acting ability is on finished showcase as she persuades you that it’s not the devils but rather the general public that is evil. Her boggling honesty in the flashback scenes remains in complete complexity to her guaranteed certainty, as she rules the haveli. Also, she is impeccable in two situations.


Disliking Rahul Bose grows naturally, which at last, is the genuine success for any entertainer playing the opponent. What’s more, Parambrata Chattopadhyay is one acceptable character away from assuming an inflexible stance in my heart as the famous pleasant person. Avinash Tiwary, who has come back to ghastliness for a subsequent time, does the best performance too.

  • An expressively amazing background score.

Amit Trivedi creates a strong background score that is the ideal melancholic strain to go with a young lady’s horrible excursion, where even strengthening comes at an agonizing expense.

  • The brilliant use of one’s creativity.

The cinematography stays colored with pink, indicating a town truly colored red with blood. A teenage girl is told the toe ring she wears is an approach to control her. A girl saw as a doll, truly, to be played with as a man may consider fit. These are only a couple of occurrences of imagery that permit even an anticipated story to snare your consideration.

  • A standard blood and horror movie that at last, moves from North India, and soaks deep into the Bengali culture.

Much like Piku turned into a close depiction of the Bengal of today, Bulbbul takes us to the antiquated Havelis, chasing trips, paan boxes, and customs of years gone. Be that as it may, we move away from North India to a town saturated with Bengali culture, advising us that India’s old stories are as differed as to its lingos, dialects, and societies.


Bulbbul is the account of a teenage girl, wedded to a man doubled her age in an illegal marriage, compelled to experience childhood in a different environment, and afterward isolated from the best friend she has known.

Aside from getting out the wicked shades of child marriage, abusive behavior at home. The film additionally leaves you considering the reality, that ladies can either be evil presences or pure souls. A lady is either captured or enabled by the mishaps in the male-oriented society.

Bulbbul may not be an immaculate story. Be that as it may, it’s a profoundly important one. Furthermore, that by itself ought to be reason enough to not miss this film.

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