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Chernobyl TV Show: Not Exactly a Review, but Inside Details that you must know. You might have binged several TV shows to keep yourself out of the stress from the pandemic that the world is facing currently! Have you gone through Chernobyl TV show? If not, then reading this will help you get a brief idea about it to decide further whether this TV series should be in your ‘to be watched’ list or not!

You can stream it from HBO Now available on OTT platforms, buy it from Amazon, and many other options. It can help you to experience how the sacrifices made to prevent Europe from any unimaginable disaster.

The storyline of Chernobyl TV miniseries is based on the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl back in April 1986 and subsequent cleanup efforts. A massive explosion had happened there!  It results in the release of radioactive material in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and even on Western Europe and Scandinavia.

The short series or movie is a dramatization of the people who either responded or are reasons behind the nuclear plant disaster happened in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of Soviet Union. Some inputs were taken from ‘Voices from Chernobyl’ written by Svetlana Alexievich, who is a Belarusian Nobel laureate.

You can experience watching the stories of the people like volunteers and firefighters. They were the first’s people who were responded to the tragedy, also the miner’s team who have dug the risky tunnel under Reactor 4.

To be precise, the story focusses on two Soviet nuclear scientists! They are Ulana Khomyuk (played by Emily Watson) and Valery Legasov (played by Jared Harris). It also revolves around the Deputy Prime Minister of Soviet, i.e., Boris Shcherbina (played by Stellan Skarsgard).

Is it any good?

It is a Historical tragedy and drama is written and created by Craig Mazin. The film has been shot in different locations like Ukraine, Visaginas(Lithuania), and Fabijoniškės (Lithuania).


It is a Historical tragedy and drama is written and created by Craig Mazin. The film has been shot in different locations like Ukraine, Visaginas(Lithuania), and Fabijoniškės (Lithuania).

It took a total of 16 weeks to shoot the Chernobyl and well exhaustive research! Hildur Guðnadóttir has done a great job in composing the sound, especially the actual recordings of a nuclear power plant.

As per the sources, some events have depicted as it is(e.g. radiation effects are shown on the human body) in the show. The rest others are just fiction like technological aspects.

The global catastrophe has been described in a compelling manner that involves many people. The mood and emotions of that time have been shown very precisely among the authorities and the personnel.

Mazin has gone through different research materials, as well as first-person accounts. The inputs were taken from government reports on the Soviet Union, and many books written on that incident.

To gain more sense about the culture in 1986, he has taken inputs from early Soviet citizens. Also, he learned about the working of a nuclear reactor from nuclear scientists.

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The writer also discussed the relationships among today and the time of 1986. In both the ages, people face problems, but the effects of events and actions get worse.

The movie was nominated among 19 different categories at the 71st ceremony of Primetime Emmy Awards. Finally, it has been awarded for Outstanding writing, direction, and limited series.

Also, at the 77th function of Golden Globe awards, it has won awards in the category of best TV film or Miniseries. Skarsgard has been awarded for his fantastic performance as supporting actor in a TV, Miniseries, or Series film.

In June 2019, the miniseries successfully set the record on IMDB as the highest-rated TV series ever. More than 1 lakh 40 thousand users had given their votes and give it an average score of 9.7 from 10, pretty high to impress anyone, isn’t it? Also, today the average rating is 9.4 based on the reviews of more than four lakh fifty thousand people.

Later in November, with a just slight change in the score, i.e. 9.5 out of 10 it ranked fifth among the top-rated TV series. It was an average of the feedback of more than three lakhs and eighty thousand people.

On Metacritic, it has got ‘universal acclamation’ from 27 different critics with an average weighted score of 82 /100. After widespread critical acclaim and responses, the series has got 92 reviews with about 96% of approval rating and an average score of 8.91/10.


After referring to the above stats, you might be impressed and planning to watch it! But if you are not, then, you will be sure, after knowing the fact that it has received more than 50 different awards in different genres. It includes 10 Emmys and 2 Golden Globes awards, even more nominations to consider!

Many people are asking for its second season. But, the producer of the series, Craig Mazin has cleared the suspense on it. He finally confirmed in his tweet that the series was intended to be a small drama and is closed!

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