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Da 5 Bloods is a Drama/War film which is directed by a well-known director Spike Lee. Da 5 Bloods follows a story of four aging African- American Vietnam War veterans makes their return to the country to find the remains of their fallen leader of the squad and to uncover the gold they were able to hide with the help of the squad leader.

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Let’s dive into all the details about Da 5 Bloods, during the war, a group of five men of us army soldiers namely Melvin, Otis, Paul, Eddie, and their leader who was named Norman, they named themselves ‘bloods’ and they were able to recover the cargo, of a plane crash and in the cargo they found a box of gold bars which was originally intended for paying the people who helped them, but they changed their mind and decided to hide the gold by burying it under the ground to save it for later but right after burying the gold they were attacked by the Vietnamese which leads to Norman’s death and leaves them wondering where they buried the gold.

Is it any good?

Later they decide to make a return to find the gold and find the remains of their leader Norman, decide to gather in Ho Chi Minh City to make further decisions in which they get the information that the tail of the crashed plane has uncovered due to the landslide and with this information they decide to find the gold and Norman’s body. Otis meets his old Vietnamese girlfriend Tien when he makes his visit. Tien introduces him to his child David who is all grown up and is willing to join them in their mission. Later, Tien also introduces them with Desroche a French businessman who decides to help them smuggle the gold out of Vietnam.

Later they hire a tour guide Vinh, who agrees with the bloods and is willing to take them to the countryside, after some digging they are able to successfully retrieve the gold and they also find the remains of their squad leader Norman and they pray for him. But on their way out Eddie, unfortunately, steps on a landmine which leads to his death, and along with Eddie, David also unknowingly steps on a landmine but other members are able to help him get of the mine and he manages to survive. But eventually, David dies due to shooting when they encounter other people along their way.

Da 5 Bloods

The gunmen after all the chaos flee and Vinh tells the remaining bloods to make their way to the nearby temple which assures them safety and will serve as a shield from the gunmen if they decide to make a return. But they don’t trust Vinh and Paul decides to take a share of his gold and make his way to the jungle all alone but the troops follow his to the jungle and kill him then they head to the temple where they are greeted with bullets Otis, Melvin and Vinh were shooting and they kill all the gunmen but Desroche is able to wound Otis and he tries to kill him with a grenade, but Melvin sacrifices by jumping on the grenade and David is able to kill Desroche in the meantime and after all this the remaining Bloods share the remaining gold equally and the movie comes to an end.


By the end, Da 5 Bloods turns into a high note which I say is great for any movie. When compared to the movie real-life sucks because war never ends in real life which we get to hear by many characters of the film by the end of the movie. And it’s true the war will never end until each one of us does the right thing or until even one of us is freely able to breathe.

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