If you are wondering that in a battle between the swift web-slinging high schooler and the blind but all-seeing attorney, who would actually kick whose ass? The answer is pretty simple. And here’s why.


Daredevil, attorney by day, and the Man without Fear by night is blind but that does not stop him from being aware of his surroundings at all times. He is a smart and kind person, but a nightmare for his villains. He is the protector of his city and is never afraid of anything, thus giving him his title: the Daredevil.


1)Fighting Skills

Daredevil is a master martial artist who has fought and defeated people like Iron Fist, Black Panther and Shang Chi in the past. He specializes in hand-to-hand combat and is proficient in his chi control. He has expertise in various forms of weaponry and his acrobatic skills make him a tough match for many superheroes.

2)Acute Senses

Many people think that Daredevil might be at a disadvantage due to his blindness, which is completely wrong. He is blind but that does not stop him from seeing everything, even the things that other people cannot see. His keen senses of smell, hearing, taste and touch allow him to be aware of his surroundings. He has this special thing called Echolocation, which allows him to hear and sense things far beyond the reach of a normal person, making him hear and dodge the fastest weapons thrown at him. He has been known to be aware of a teleporting man before he has arrived and even defeat people with no heartbeat. This 360-degree radar sight is declared to be better than Spiderman’s Spidey Sense.

Marvel's Daredevil



No matter how strong or keen Daredevil might be, it does not change the fact that he has no superhuman speed or strength. He is by no means an ordinary human, but he is human nonetheless. That makes his body susceptible to damage and a direct hit by someone with superhuman strength can render him unconscious. Moreover, he has no phenomenal fictitious powers.

4)Lacking Kit

Daredevil’s weapon kit usually consists of sticks; and although he does amazing and extraordinary damage by those alone, his kit is no match against the high-tech revolutionized kits available to Spiderman, Iron man, etc.


After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gained many extraordinary abilities including wall-crawling, Spidey sense, superhuman strength and a witty sense of humor. His agility makes him a tough match even against opponents much stronger than him. He has defeated many big names in the past but he also has a certain level of weaknesses against a few.


1)Spidey Sense

Spiderman has a precognitive alarm system, which means that he can sense things even before they happen. This allows him to foresee attacks before they happen, see beyond the normal range of sight for a human being and hear things that others cannot. He can even map out the landscape of an area beforehand which gives him an upper hand against his enemies.


Spiderman gained the proportionate strength and speed of a spider after he got bit. This means that he can lift weights that are many times heavier than his body weight. He is known to lift upto 50 tons when a huge part of the Daily Bugle building broke down and he had to lift it above his head to save the people. He can lift jeeps, tanks and train cars and even throw them at his enemies over large distances.


Being a nerd in high school with an IQ of 250 makes him a smart match against his adversaries. He makes his own web slingers with different settings according to his liking. His intelligence has been appreciated by Tony Stark himself after he was able to hack into his system. Even though many superheroes are smarter than him, they rarely use all of their skills in battle unlike Spiderman, who is smart enough to use his skills and strengths to his advantage.

Daredevil vs. Spiderman Who Wins 2

4)Fighting Kit

Spiderman has enhanced his weapon kit to a great extent over the years. The adhesive fingers and toes on his costume help him climb walls and cling to most surfaces. His web-shooters that he has designed himself consists of high-tech webs including rapid-fire web bullets, foam webs, Taser webs, and even web grenades. All of these can be utilized to cause a huge amount of damage in different scenarios. His kit includes drones and tracers that are always at his disposal.


Perhaps the most important of his powers is his agility. He can dodge every attack from his opponents by foreseeing it and using his speed to his advantage. He can dodge a bullet at point-blank range, which gives us an idea that he can dodge every attack thrown at him.



This sounds more like a strength than a weakness to some, but Spiderman’s unwillingness to see innocent bystanders get hurt has been exploited many times by his adversaries. Threatening death to an innocent person is the only way to stop Spiderman. He’s taken massive hits before because he knew that if he didn’t it would hit a civilian. He’s even got his own little rule that could easily get him killed. Whenever he’s around, no one dies. This weakness has been taken advantage of by his enemies numerous times.

Who Will Win?

The answer is obvious: Spiderman.

Daredevil might be more skilled than Spiderman and his radar sight is more acute than Spiderman’s Spidey sense. But Spiderman is far too strong, too durable and too fast for Daredevil to even touch him. Daredevil will most certainly not back out and give Spidey a tough match, but Spider-Man is very fast, very strong, has a precognitive sense that becomes invaluable when paired with said strength and speed, adhesion abilities, incredibly strong and versatile webs, incredible reflexes, unrivaled agility and athleticism, and incredible durability. Thus, no human martial artist, no matter how extraordinary he might be, can ever defeat Spiderman.

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