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Summary: Dark is a German Netflix original. This is a story of different families and how they are connected. The story starts with the disappearance of people in the town of Germany. People who disappear time travel in different years and get stuck there. This is the series filled with thriller and mystery. Very talented Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese are the creators of this series. It is released on Netflix. Cast of this series is Karoline Eichhorn (Charlotte Doppler), Jördis Triebel (Katharina Nielsen), Louis Hofmann (Jonas Kahnwald), Oliver Masucci (Ulrich Nielsen), Stephan Kampwirth (Peter Doppler), Maja Schöne (Hannah Kahnwald) and many more.

What’s the story?

Dark is a German Netflix show whose first season was released in 2017. It is the first German Language Netflix original series. The first season has 10 episodes and each episode makes this season very interesting. The first episode if this season starts with Michael Kahnwald who committed suicide in June 2019. And he wrote a suicide note which his mother Ines Kahnwald, found and hide in somewhere. Then the episode takes us to the story of Michael Kahnwald’s son Jonas Kahnwald, who returns to his school. Later the drug dealer of his school Erik Obendorf went missing. Jonas and some of his friends try to find some weed of Erik in the cave that was nearby. But during their search, Mikkel the son of Police officer went missing in the cave.

The whole police department started the search of Mikkel but they instead of Mikkel found another dead body who was dressed in 90’s clothes and his eyes was burnt. After this incident, Ulrick the police officer remembered the same even happened to his younger brother who also went missing in 1986. Ulrich tries his best to find that cave but instead of the cave found a door of the nuclear plant. The owner of that plant refuses Ulrich’s request for a searching plant. Ulrich later visits Jana Nielsen, his mother to ask her about Mads his younger brother. She lies to Ulrich and tells him that his father was with him that night but in original he was not. On the other side, Mikkel wakes up and finds himself in the cave. He then discovers that he just woke up in 1986. Then Mikkel reaches the police station for help but they sent him to hospital. Mikkel escapes from the hospital and runs towards the cave to get home but he gets hurt. Ulrich in the year 2019 hears Mikkel who was stuck in 1986 calling for help in the same cave.

Dark Season 1

Mikkel then again finds himself in hospital and meets a priest named Noah. In 2019 another person named Yasin went missing. Ulrich finds out that his father was in an affair with another girl during the time Mads went missing and that girl (Regina) was the one who saw Mads the last time before he went missing. Ulrich then realizes that the body police found was the body of Mads and visits morgue to see his body. Jonas also tries to find Mikkel and reach the cave with a map and find a door. During the investigation, they found out that there is a cabin in the woods that runs that cave system, and that cabin was owned by Helge. Jonas was warned by some stranger that bringing beck Mikkel from 1986 will make a hole in the timeline. Ulrich during investigation in the cave also travels back to the time in the year 1953. He meets many people in 1953 and also meets Helge who was very young. Ulrich through that to stop all these things he has to kill Helge. He then beats up young Helge and leaves his body in the cabin. In 1986 a stranger than meets with H.G. Tennhaus and tell him that time travel is possible through the wormhole.

Noah and Helge then started to argue with each other that all the people died because Noah attempted making an actual time machine. Back in 1953, Ulrich was arrested on the murder charges of Helge but Helge was still alive. The final episode of the season started from the beginning where Mikkel disappeared. Doppler finds the body of Mads when he visits the cabin. In 1986 Jonas was kidnapped by Noah and Helge because he trying to send back Mikkel to 2019.

Young Jonas then finds himself in the bunker with adult Jonas. Adult Jonas then decides to destroy wormhole with a repaired time machine. In the year 1956 Helge who was beaten up by Ulrich wakes up and sees a wormhole in front of him which connected him with 1986 Jonas. When they tried to reach they both get transported to different years. Helge gets transported in 1986 and Jonas wake up in 2052.

Is it any good?

Dark is the first Netflix original series. This show is similar to stranger things. Both shows show the concept of missing kids. In this show, there is a lot of character. Each character has their own story. This show starts with the voice saying “Everything is connected”.

Dark Season 1 f

In the show, this phrase becomes a reality when in the end four families and their members were connected in some way.  This is the show filled with so many secrets, mysteries, and surprises. Each episode ends with the twist that makes the next episode more interesting. This is a show which shows that time travel is possible and people travel through time land in different years.

Dark is a show filled with puzzles. While watching this show people will always try to solve the mystery. This show is worth watching for the people who like shows filled with mysteries and puzzles. People who dong like the shows with puzzles they will probably get frustrated while watching this German series.


In this show, there are multiple stories of different characters happen at the same time. It sometimes gets difficult for people to keep track of stories of all characters. But show successfully attach all the stories of all the characters in the end.

The concept of time travel is very difficult to understand for people but this show very impressively explains how all the characters traveled time to different years and how it happens. It is a very complex and mysterious show that keeps people in the twist and always keep them in suspense. The acting of the cast in this show was very impressive. The directing of each scene was brilliant. This one of the show which is a must-watch for fans of puzzles and mysteries.

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