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Summary: The second season of the German Netflix season Dark drives its audience deeper into its secrets. The main focus of this season was how to stop an apocalypse that happened in 2020. Jonas wakes up in 2053 and wanted to back to 2020. On the other hand, his friends were trying to figure out this all mystery. And more people started getting stuck in different timelines. The creator of this Netflix German masterpiece is Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann. New characters are introduced in this season. Cast of this season is Oliver Masucci, Karoline Eichhorn, Louis Hofmann, Stephan Kampwirth, Jördis Triebel, Maja Schöne, Andreas Pietschmann and many more.

What’s the story?

After the popularity of season one, Dark came back with season two. There are many new characters in season two and the story was complex the same as season one. This season starts with two persons working in the mine to find the gate of time travel in 1921. They both were members of a cult named Sic Mundus. The leader of that cult was Adam. Adam was an old man with a disfigured face. Adam and Young Noah try to find the missing pages of the diary so they can know how the apocalypse happened in Winden in 2020.

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Then the show takes us to the year 2020 where new investigator Clausen stated the investigation of finding the missing people in Winden. Jonas who traveled in the year 2053 at the end of season one sees Winden after the apocalypse. He decides to go back in time and try to stop this apocalypse to happen. Jonas sees the nuclear plant and tries to sneak in but caught by a survivor of apocalypse Elisabeth. Jonas successfully escapes from prison with the help of another survivor Silja. She helped Jonas to know what he saw in the nuclear plant. Jonas told her that he saw some big machine inside that plant. They both then sneak in again and tries to use that machine. But when they try Jonas disappears again and travels back to 1921. After waking up Jonas meets with Noah and Adam. Adam was told that he can change both the future and the past if he stops his father from committing suicide.

Adam then shows Jonas a man-made God particle which can be used to transport Jonas to the day before his father committed suicide. Ulrich who was imprisoned on murder charges finds out that his son Mikkel was alive in that year. He then escapes from prison to meet his son but later they both get caught again. Jonas on the day when his father Michael kills himself talks with him. Jonas came to know that Michael has no motive of committing suicide so then he takes Michael to the year 1986. In 1986 Claudia tells them that Michael must have to kill himself to keep everything good. Claudia then realizes that it the day when her father died. She tried to prevent the death of her father but accidentally she kills him.

On the other hand, Clausen finds out about the buried nuclear waste barrels and tries to dig them. Jonas and Claudia again activate the time machine in the cave to stop the apocalypse from happening. In 2053 the survivor Elisabeth turn on the God particle to save Winden and turn against the laws. And at the same time in 2020 charlotte asks Clausen to stop digging the waste barrels but he doesn’t listen. As Elisabeth turn on the God particle, the waste barrels become gate between 2020 and 2053. Charlotte and Elisabeth were able to see each other and they try to touch each other hands. As they touch hands apocalypse happens in Winden.

Is it any good?

This first season of this German Netflix series got a lot of positive feedback. This 8 episodes season 2 of Dark is filled with thriller and suspense. There was a lot of anticipation of season 2 after the success of season 1. This season also has a lot going on at the same time. New characters introduced and new stories are told. In this season the main motive of the main characters was to stop the apocalypse. They want to change the future by changing the past. In this season they hoped to change the future although they know that the future and past cannot be changed easily but they never lose hope. The hope in the characters makes this season interesting to watch. The suspense of the next scene in the season keeps the interest of the audience alive.

Dark Season 2

The new timelines introduced in this season makes it more interesting. People always try to guess how the apocalypse happened and how it can be stopped. But the show was full of mysteries and always surprise its audience. How creators attach all five timelines at the end was brilliant. There are a lot of stories of different characters in this season which makes it hard for the audience to keep track of all stories. To know that story behind all the characters people must have to watch season 1 first. Without watching season 1 starting straight from season 2 can make people fully confused about the story and show. The storytelling in the season was exceptional. The hard work of the creators of this show can be seen while watching the show. Cinematography and directing was brilliant.


The second season of Dark was full of thriller, suspense, and mystery. This German Netflix original gave its fans a new season filled with new adventures and characters. The story of this season is more complex than the first season but creators of this show explained it very well. This is not a type of series which people can just watch casually or watch by skipping scenes.

This show requires all the attention of people then they can understand its full story. The story of the second season was very complex with new characters and new timelines but interesting at the same time. This one of the best picks for the fans of puzzles and mystery. The 8 episodes of the new season are all very interesting, there was no time in this season when people feel like it is out of context. Creators of this show know how to keep people interest alive and how to surprise them. The main focus of this season was how the apocalypse happened and how it can be stopped? Creators and cast of this show made this one of the must-watch show on Netflix.

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