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Summary: In the final season, Martha and Jonas travel to different worlds and different time-lines to find the origin of the loop which could help them save their loved ones from the apocalypse.

What’s the story?

Dark is one of the best series on Netflix period. It is a German science fiction based web series it looks similar to the stranger things another great science fiction web series on Netflix but the Dark turns it up a notch which makes it more confusing and thrilling to watch. Dark is directed by a well known writer-director couple Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese.

As you start to watch for the few episodes u get to know it has a similar concept of parallel universe which feels completely like Stranger Things but as you progress through the storyline it takes a turn in other direction and it revolves into its own thing after few episodes which completely changes the storyline that makes it more interesting to watch and makes you eager as to what happens next and leaves the audience confused. The season 3 of Dark rolled out on 27th June of 2020 following the same pattern of release as all the previous seasons.


The season three which we all been waiting for in which we are introduced with the concepts of the parallel universe. I strongly suggest you watch it without watching the trailer or even the teasers to it and go in with a clear mind and that is how you will enjoy it the most. The final season the season 3 picks up right where season 2 left it off the Apocalypse.

When the apocalypse occurs during the final season which happens days apart in the two different universes, the time somehow stands still for a few of a second. During that moment, a person is easily able to generate alternate and simultaneous timelines within the same universe they are on. Due to this, it feels like a prearranged loop destined to repeat itself for eternity, and this is the time you get in which you can change anything.

Is it any good?

Adam is unaware of this, but Martha knows all about it, and from the start, she has been using this for her advantage. Using this she is able to create two different timelines within a single universe, she uses one to save Jones from the apocalypse by sending him her younger self and bringing him back safely to her universe and the other timeline she uses to send Bartosz to stop Martha from helping Jonas escape from the apocalypse.


As the clock hits zero Jonas’ Winden and Martha Nielsen arrive to take Jonas Kahnwald to a different world in which the four estranged families are similar but they are somehow untouched with the disappearance of Mikkel Nielsen and even Michael Kahnwald suicide.

In this world, Hannah Kahnwald is married to Ulrich Nielsen and Martha’s family lives in a house that was once Jonas’s house. In this world, Martha travels through time to solve mysteries of her world and wears a yellow jacket while doing it. Considering the challenges that the characters face by the multiple versions of themselves in different timelines, Dark by the end was in a tangle of different plot twist created from different timelines but the creators of the show Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese somehow resolve all these plot lines in a spectacular way, the incredible cast and the writer-director couple along with the crew together with their hard work has created a masterpiece.


The end of Dark season 3 has left the viewers with deep confusion and with many questions and surprisingly no one has answers as even in the show we are constantly told a sentence which is repeated many times throughout the all the seasons which is we only know a drop and there is a whole ocean that we don’t know but the final episode of the season 3 ended in a beautiful way but left viewers confused and that’s the beauty of Dark.

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