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Summary: Delhi Crime is 7 episodes Netflix series based on the true event that happened in South Delhi on 16 December 2012. Six men gang-raped a young student and beaten her male friend. The name of the girl who got rapped is Deepika and the name of her male friend is Akash. The girl died due to the beating she suffered after two weeks of that incident. The series shows how the men who raped that girl got arrested.

What’s the story?

This series is directed by a Canadian-Indian director Richie Mehta. He gathered all the information on this case by himself and showed people what happened and the aftermath of that incident. The cast of this series is Shefali Shah, Rasika Dugal, Rajesh Tailang, Anurag Arora, and many other talented actors.

New Netflix series Delhi crime reflects on the events that happen on 16 December 2012 in Delhi. On 16 December 2012, 23 years old medical student Jyoti Singh got on a metro bus with her friend Awindra Pratap Pandey. They were names as Deepika and Akash in the series. They were coming from the cinema in southern Delhi after watching the premiere of the Hollywood movie “Life of Pi”. Singh took a break from her tough studies to get some fun with her friend so they came to see that movie. But she didn’t know that this will become her last in life to have fun outdoors. When she and her friend got on the bus six men raped them both.

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The bus driver was also in those six men who brutally beaten and raped Singh. They caused permanent internal damage by raping Singh for an hour on a moving bus. They dumped the injured body of Singh on the side of the road after raping her. Singh told police that those men used an iron rod to hit her and they also continuously bit her with their teeth on her entire body. Before dumping her on the side of the rod they also robbed her and took all her belongings like mobile, purse, money and watch, etc. after two weeks of this event Singh died. Pandey was also very badly injured but he survived. The death of Singh triggered a lot of protesters in India and also became a worldwide talk. In this series there was a deputy commissioner named Vartika Chaturvedi who was shaken by this brutal incident. She started working on this case to find justice for Singh and gathered a crew to make her own trusted team. In her team, Bhupendra was her right-hand man. Vartika interrogated many men while working on this case who were guilty but always remained disciplined and professional. During her working on this case she became on the edge of breaking down with full of sadness and anger but never lost her will power.

Delhi crime is a series that shows the full story of the case of Singh and Pandey. It has several investigation scenes and shows the corruption in the police department. In the end there was a happy ending and police arrest all the responsible men. Neeti the new trainee says to Vartika that it is time to celebrate that we completed the case but Vartika reply that it was just one case we don’t know how many cases like this was happened before and how many will happen in future.

Is it any good?

Delhi crime is based on a true story that happened in Delhi on 22 December 2012. People will experience different emotions like anger, sadness, and grief will watching this Netflix series. Delhi crime does not have many graphic scenes to show the proper incident. We can know about all the aspects of the incident by hearing different things from different characters in the show. At the start of the series police find the injured body of victims and after that this series is all about finding the six men who rapped Deepika. They find all the men and then made them pay.

The director of this show Richie Mehta read all the files on this incident, gathered all the information, and done all the interviews then made this show to give the perfect story of that incident. This show is made from the view of a Delhi police officer and showed how they talk with one another about the struggles in this occupation. How they don’t have enough off days and also don’t have proper police training to carry any task smoothly.

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It is a well-acted drama series that people will like to watch. It just focuses on the main parts of the incident and directed to show what happened in the last. If you are watching this series about knowing why there is too much abuse of women in India then this is not a show for you. It just a series about a particular incident that happened in Delhi. If you are a fan of Drama then this series of worth watching. It is one of the best Indian drama series produced by Netflix. It is an intense show that shows how police work in Delhi and how they solve crimes.


This series is the showcase of what happened after the rape incident of Jyoti Singh. That rape case just crushed the reputation of Delhi in the world and gave Delhi the name as the Rape capital of the world. But the main thing in this series is that the story was told from the perspective of the police. They show how the police solved the case. This series also showed the sufferings of the police department in Delhi and how complicated are their laws. This series shows the pressure police force faced in solving this incident. This series also has its faults. This incident in India made international attention. There were a lot of protests in India and police charged water cannons and used stick on the protestors. Young people in India came to the roads and protested about justice. This show just showed a glimpse of those incidents and does not fully focus on them. They would have shown the international audience why this cased meant too much by showing from the perspective of people. How protests in India put pressure on the politicians and police force to solve this case faster.

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