What’s the story?

This is a Netflix original movie about a woman named Wesley trying to find a perfect partner. She wants to settle down in life by finding a perfect partner and job. She set up a date with a man named Sean which end up in a disaster. After that date with Sean, she accidentally meets up with a man named Jared. Wesley felt that Jared is the perfect man for her so she started hiding her true self in front of him to make that relationship work. Jared after spending a night with Wesley never contact her again which made Wesley very upset and sad. She writes a long insulting email to Jerad. Jerad later calls Wesley without reading that email and tell her that he is in Mexico and got up in an accident.

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Wesley starts feeling guilty and decides to travel to Mexico with her two best friends and sneak into the hotel room of Jerad to delete that email before he reads it. After reaching the hotel she sees Sean. She gets thrown out by the hotel security due to fighting with Sean But she breaks in again. After breaking in again she gets caught and goes straight to the jail. After releasing from jail Sean picks them up and drops them to the airport. During drive Sean and Wesley bond with one another.

In the flight, Jerad breaks up with Wesley after she reveals her true self to him. After reaching home she finds perfect jobs due to the recommendation of Sean. In the end, Wesley goes to the restaurant to ask Sean out and they both get back together.

Is it any good?

Desperados is a romantic comedy movie. Story of an out of job mother finding a perfect job and life partner. She sends an insulting email to the guy she likes and then goes all over to Mexico to delete that email before he sees that. During this journey, she finds the perfect guy and perfect job. This is a comedy movie which people will enjoy while watching.


The story of three friends going on a chaotic trip was very entertaining to watch. There are also a lot of critics about this movie. Some scenes of this movie were very disturbing to watch like the scene where she was slapped in the face by the penis of Dolphin. Wesley being shown as a pedophile and repeatedly accused of seducing a 12-year-old boy. There are many scenes in this movie that made this movie very hard to watch and bad. The comedy in this movie was good which made this movie bearable.


Desperados is directed by LP and written by Ellen Rapoport. The cast in this movie did a very good job. Former Saturday Night Live star Nasim Pedrad played the main role of Wesley in this romantic comedy movie. Nasim Pedrad made this movie comedy by her action and charming personality. But overall the movie is more cringe-worthy then comedy. Some scenes of this movie made it a cringe-worthy movie. Scenes like the sexual performance of dolphin made this movie cringe.

The story of this movie was good. Three best friends go on the trip the save the love life of a friend. Nasim Pedrad made this movie bearable. There is also a good message at the end of the movie when two best friends (Brooke and Kaylie) of Wesley discuss all the problems and pain with Wesley. This shows that no matter what best friends are always there for you. People who like comedy movies Desperados is a good movie to pass some time. 

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