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Ages: 18+
Iván Massagué, Antonia San Juan, Zorion Eguileor, Emilio Buale, Alexandra Masangkay
Summary: In the future, the Prisoners will be housed in a tower-style vertical self –management center, and they will get to watch the prisoners in the upper cells have proper food and those below them in the lower cells starve.
Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urruti
Genre(s): Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Rating: TV-MA
94 min

What’s the story?

The Platform which in Spanish is known as El Hoyo is a sci-fi (Science fiction) and a horror film; it is directed by a well-known director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia and was initially released on 21st February of 2020. The film made its premiere at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival; the film also got its streaming deal with Netflix and was released on the 20th of March 2020 worldwide on Netflix. The film is set on a large vertical and self-management center which is basically a prison. The prisoners on a random order are switched between different floors and they are provided with food through a floating platform that starts from the top floor and initially makes its way to the lower floors and the prisoners kept on the lower floors gets the food which is left by the above floor prisoners.  This is done to cause as much chaos and the clash between the prisoners and gives the advantage to the top floor prisoners as they get to eat as much food as they want and leave no food for the prisoners below them.

EI Hoyo

Our lead character is a man named Goreng who is played by Iván Massagué he wakes up in a concrete cell that has a hole in the center of it. He also has a cellmate, Trimagasi who is played Zorion Eguileor, and he tells Goreng that he is in a vertical prison and every day, the platform which carries the food leftovers from an exaggerated meal from the rich on the other side of the prison descends through the floors of the prison, It pauses for just a brief second, and the prisoners can eat as much as they want in those few minute or before it is gone. But if you try to take any food to store it for later you will be punished as they will make the cell unbearably cold or unbearably hot.

In the time the platform reaches level 48, which contains Goreng and Trimagasi, the food has already been eaten and they have nothing left besides the few remains and pieces of the food. But Trimagsi reminds Goreng that they are in a much better condition than those below them as they nothing left for them to eat.

Is it any good?

Each month, the prisoners are transferred to a new level. After this happened, Goreng wakes up and realizes he is tied down and he is on the level 171. Trimagasi tells Goreng that in order to survive they will need to kill one of them so that the other could survive eating the flesh of the one who they murdered. Goreng by listening to Trimagasi becomes terrified but at the end is saved by Miharu who is played by Alexandra Masangkay who in search of her child who may not exist travels to the lower levels of the cells and start murdering people but Miharu lets Goreng free as he saved her earlier and then the Goreng murders Trimagasi and survives for a whole month feeding on Trimagasi body.

After a month on floor 171, Goreng finds himself on the level 33 along with a new cellmate Imoguiri who is played by Antonia San Juan, who is an official in some sort and she initially gave Goreng the idea to join the prison, she tells him that he had no idea the prison would be like this. She tells him that the prison has a total of 200 cells one cell on each level, she tells him that the food is enough for all 200 cells if each one eats their allotted quantity of food but the prisoners on the upper level refuse to listen to her but Goreng somehow convinces the prisoners below them and they listen but is enable top convince the prisoners on the upper floors.


The month after that, Goreng and Imoguiri find themselves on level 202, in which Imoguiri hangs herself and Goreng feeds on her body and the month passes by. After that month, Goreng finds himself on level 6 and finds a new cellmate, Baharat is played by Emilio Buale Coka. Goreng successfully convinces Baharat to help him in his plan to distribute the food to the lower levels and they decide to provide food to all the levels below level 50 as they get good food already. But soon goring comes to know that there are more floors to the prison than he anticipated, and he finds out that no one is alive on the floors below 200.

Later they find and an old man who tells them that they should carry an Italian dessert that is panna cotta, which is served on level 0 and tells them that he believes that there is a child hiding on the lowest level of the prison which they come to know is level 333 and soon he Goreng gets on the platform with the Italian dessert panna cotta and reaches the level 333 and he finds a child hiding under the bed finally they get off the platform and hands the child the panna cotta and the child eats it but the cell doesn’t get cold or hot and after some time the cells shoots to the top of the prison. When Goreng wakes up he finds Baharat passed out. Next day the platform comes and Goreng gets on the platform along with the child where Goreng has a dream of talking to Trimagsi he tells Goreng that the journey of his is over Goreng agrees and jumps from the platform and finds himself dead, the child stays alive on the platform and the platform shoots to the top of the prison and the movie comes to an end.

The features well suited actors for their roles now let’s start with the lead role Goreng who is played by a well-known Spanish actor Iván Massagué, Trimagasi who is played by Zorion Eguileor, Imoguiri who is played by Antonia San Juan, Baharat who is played by Emilio Buale Coka, Miharu who is played by Alexandra Masangkay, and last but not least Sr. Brambang who is played by Eric L. Goode.


People who have been locked up on that platform for a long time are used to this way of life and it is difficult for them to change their world view, but those who come from behind can still feed on new ideas that improve the situation. The Platform (El Hoyo) shows us the importance of educating those who come behind so that they do not make our mistakes; give them the tools to destroy The Platform (El Hoyo) in which society has sunk and leave them in charge of the world to improve things.

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