What’s the story?

Extraction is an action thriller movie in which Chris Hemsworth plays the lead role and many other famous characters appear in the movie. The script of this movie is written by Joe Russo and it is directed by Sam Hargrave.

This movie was released on 24th April 2020 on the digital platform Netflix. The movie got into critics with mixed reviews, who appreciated all the sequences of the movie, but condemned the storyline and violence. Extraction turned into the most-watched movie in the history of Netflix, and a sequel is already being made.


After school, Ovi Mahajan, son of a detained Indian drug master, escapes from his home to visit a party, where he is abducted by the cops working for Amir Asif the rival. Saju Rav, an ex-Para (SF) administrator, and Ovi’s bodyguard visit Ovi’s dad in jail. If the money is paid by Ovi’s father it would be a disgrace for his name, He recruits Saju to rescue his son.

Tyler Rake, an underground soldier, and an ex-SASR operator are hired by a co-soldier Nik Khan to retrieve Ovi from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Two teams that were led by Rake and Khan plan to rescue Ovi, guaranteed by his father to get paid when the job is completed. Rake somehow saves Ovi and takes him to the pickup point, meanwhile the deal was withdrawn by his father. Alternatively, Saju murders Rake’s ally to take Ovi with himself in order to skip the payment. Knowing of Ovi’s extraction, Asif orders an instant lockdown in Dhaka, closing all the bridges of the city.

A helicopter is arranged by Khan to take out Rake from the city and talks him to leave Ovi as they weren’t getting paid. Rake refuses, frequented by dreams of his own kid, who died from lymphoma when he left. After getting rid of everyone, Rake kills a Farhad’s gang. Rake calls Gaspar, a resigned teammate living in Dhaka, and he and Ovi hide at Gaspar’s home. A huge reward is kept on the head of Ovi by Asif upon which Gasper is eager to kill Ovi, but Rake stands in his way. Rake refuses and battles Gaspar, who gets the high ground however Gasper is shot by Ovi.

Extraction 1

Rake calls Saju and requests his assistance, driving them to collaborate to escape Dhaka. Rake takes the attention away from Saju and Ovi as the two walk through the checkpoint. Asif watches them from a far distance as the team of Khan attacks from the opposite side of the bridge. During the battle, Saju is executed by Asif’s colonel Rashid, who is then murdered by Khan. Harmed, Rake advises Ovi to go to Khan’s helicopter. As Rake gets shot in the neck as he follows by Farhad and, seeing Ovi is safe, falls in the waterway. Ovi, Khan and the team leaves for Mumbai.

Is it any good?

Extraction goes for the greatest direction with a minor story. Hargrave organizes and choreographs action with his outstanding skills and persistence dominated by scarcely any movie producers of this kind. You will not believe in your eyes when you see the amazing action scenes in the movie especially the fistfight scenes. The amount of work and effort put into the chase scenes is spectacular. And then the director has the nerve to humor some idyllic twists toward the end. He’s good. I would recommend all of you to watch Extraction as this movie gives a new angle to the action movies all around the world. The bar of the action scenes is set high. This movie definitely deserves an appreciation and should be on the same list as the fabulous John Wick.


A soldier who has nothing to lose is recruited to retrieve the abducted boy of a detained drug lord. In any case, in the hidden world of weapons sellers and drug dealers, an effectively crucial mission becomes impossible.

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