What’s the story?

The movie Feel the Beat is a comedy-drama that revolves around American dancing of the year 2020. This movie is written by Shawn Ku and Michael Armbruster and the direction is given by Elissa Down. The movie Feel the Beat was premiered worldwide on Netflix on 19th June of 2020.

A variety of vigorous dance moves take Feel the Beat to a whole new level, it is a drama-comedy series that is streamed on Netflix. This film is based on a 1976 movie The Bad News Bears, following an egotistical high flier named April which is played by Sofia Carson who becomes a dance teacher for a preteen dance troupe.

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After a rejection from an important Broadway audition which was happened by upsetting Ruth Zimmer who is the producer of the show, April comes back to Wisconsin which is her hometown. She comes across Nick who is her ex-boyfriend, whom April dumped to pursue her dancing career in New York, and also meets Barb who is her old dance teacher. Barb gives April a job to instruct the town’s local dance team named New Hope for a dance competition, but she refused as she was exhausted by her work in New York. But when April sees an opportunity to save her career by this competition by getting a chance to perform for a Broadway producer, she accepts the offer and starts her rehearsals and practices her dance moves along with teaching the local team.

Is it any good?

April’s team The New Hope clears through a number of rounds in the tournament, as the team’s dance moves are getting better day by day, April becomes a great dance teacher which also included teaching dance to the deaf students through sign language. After the roof of the Barb’s dance studio crumpled, April and her team start the dance practice on a football field, later they moved to her father’s barn which Nick and April repaired. They both start to relight their old relationship as their dance team promotes to the state level, where other dancers insult April about her failure in the city of New York, which reminds her that she is using this competition to save her dancing career.


The synchronization among the dance students, mainly the elder girls Kari and Sarah are the movie’s best advantage. Elissa Down, the director of the movie uses both of them beautifully to mold the movie and give it a real touch by also bringing up the deaf dancing students. The student’s happiness is sufficient to melt April’s frostiness.


After the state levels, the dance team New Hope starts to practice in a new way to improvise their performance, meanwhile, April contacts Deco who is her friend to help her with the costumes. The team does a fundraiser event for traveling to the Atlantic City where the final is being held.

Once they reached the Atlantic City, they begin to practice for the finals and after their performance at the final round Welly Wong was so overwhelmed with April’s dance moves that he gives her a spot in his new show. Welly and April depart from the dance competition right away for the dance practice in New York City, leaving the girls behind. Once April reaches New York, she understands the mistake she has done by leaving the girls behind. April leaves the dance rehearsals to applaud her team at the tournament. After the reunion with her team, Nick and April patch up, and Welly Wong lets April keep her spot in his team even after all this happened. Later on, April performs in the show of Welly that was held in New York City, and also gives dance classes to the New Hope team through a video chat.

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