What’s the story?

Force of nature is a movie filled with action and drama. The movie starts with the scene of Gibson the ex-cop in the film taking a shot in the storm. Then the movie goes eight hours back before the storm. This movie is shoot in Puerto Ricco. There was the anticipation of a heavy storm in some areas of Puerto Ricco and the government ordered people of those areas to evacuate from their buildings. The government ordered police to evacuate people forcibly if they are not leaving their buildings.

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Two police officers named Cardillo and Pena who were expecting of doing desk jobs that day were asked to go out and evacuate people who are not leaving their homes. They then receive a call by a person saying that there is a man who is buying 100 lb. of meat in the middle of the storm. When they arrested that person he requested them to let him fed his cat before going to the police station and gave them information that two old people are not leaving their apartments. When they reach that building two old men were refusing to leave. One was elderly men refusing to leave his apartment and the other one was retired cop (Ray). Ray was arguing with his daughter who was trying to convince him to leave that building. Both police officers also tried to convince them but they fail.

As they were convincing them Cardillo see a bunch of thieves entering in building for the heist. The leader of that group of thieves was John the Baptist. They were the most wanted criminals because they robbed a lot of banks and stores in recent weeks. They entered that building to rob 55 million which was hidden in that building somewhere. As Cardillo saw them entering the building he warns everyone and makes a plan to safely escort people out of the building. The storm was on its peak which made things worst for both police officers to get out of the building. Cardillo teams up with the nurse daughter of Ray. And Ray teams with the other police officer Pena to fight with robbers. During the fight both Ray and Cardillo get shot but they survive.

In the end, they successfully survive the heist and storm both. This movie is released by Lionsgate. Mel Gibson who was famous for his movies like lethal weapon played the role of Ray in this movie. This like a typical Mel Gibson movie in which he saves the day in the end.

Is it any good?

This movie is a mixture of silly, awareness of culture, drama which some people find amusing but others will find it confusing and problematic. Michael Polish is the director of this movie. This movie seems like a cat and mouse chasing game. During the movie, someone was always chasing the other. On the plus side, it is a tense movie that used a single building for shooting.

There was also some awareness of history in this movie bringing an ancient painting whose worth was in millions. There were also some points in the movie which show the injustice in the department against black people. There were also many critics for the actors of the movie. Both actors (Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch) had bad experiences in their past which made people more interested in this movie. The audience also criticized that the white heroes against Latin villains are racist. There were also some parts in the movie in which animals were treated cruelly. The big cat in the movie goes missing and it was kept in a dark room without windows.

Force of nature

Many also questioned this movie that how can someone pull a heist in category 5 storm? The jokes in the movie which actors say sometimes are very bad and made them look silly. Michael Polish and his brother both were seen as the very talented directors after they made movies like Northfork in 2003, Twin Falls Idaho through Jackpot in 2001, and Lovers only in 2011 but after this movie people started questioning the directing skills of Michael Polish. In the movie, Mel Gibson who was the main attraction of the movie was shown as an old grumpy man.

There are also entertaining scenes in the movie. Many fighting scenes were well directed and entertaining. This is a good movie if you just want to pass time. But if you are finding any logic in the movie then it is not a good choice.


Force of nature is like a common crime thriller movie. Cops chasing bad guys and in the end, they capture them. There is a lot of chasing between and cops and bad guys. Due to the bad past of both actors (Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch) this movie gained some controversy. There are assault charges on the record of both Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch.

Emile Hirsch the star of “Into the wild” played the role of a cop and Mel Gibson was a retired cop in the movie. As low budget movie Force of nature is entertaining. The movie gets criticism of being not so realistic. The audience criticized that cops saving a day by gunning down a bunch of thieves in the middle of category 5 storm is questionable.

The cast of the movie acted very well. Director of the movie Michael Polish faced criticism by casting two controversial actors as the main role and writer Cory M. Miller faced criticism on the story being not realistic. The overall force of nature also has many good scenes and dialogues. It is entertaining if you are watching to spend some time with family and friends. It is not a type of movie which you remember for a long time. The audience will probably forget this movie after watching it.

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