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Summary: This new web series is produced by James Gar-Rees who loves F1 and decided to take the general public inside the F1 pits and give them an in-depth experience on what it’s like to be a driver, team manager, and the owner as well. This also includes controversies that happened between two big F1 brands.

What’s the story?

This fascinating web series was made with the partnership of Formula One and Netflix, produced by James Gay-Rees, Paul Martin, and Sophie Todd. The cast of the series included Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, Fernando Alonso, Kevin Magnussen, Marcus Ericsson, Valtteri Bottas, and many more famous F1 drivers as well. The main plot of the web series is based on the 2018 season of Formula 1.

The idea of this series came in into place when Paul thought and told Sean Bratches that the possibility of filming behind the scenes of any of the Formula 1 racing team would be spectacular. Sean really liked Paul’s idea of doing so, but Sean wanted to do create something extraordinary for the F1 fans and throw a light from a different direction to the 2018 race of F1 Grand Prix.

Formula 1- Drive to Survive

After that Sean started to work on this project by talking to all the F1 teams to see what they thought of this idea and who would be interested do play their part in the web series. Two to three months later Ian and Sean called F1 and said that they are going to begin their production, the idea was unclear and both of them were not sure that this is going to work out or not, but they were happy to produce this type of content. This all happened in the year of 2017 in Brazil, then the productions began in 2018.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive was first published on 8th March 2019. The first episode of the series was named “All to Play For”. In this episode we get to see the F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo looking to prove himself on the racetrack while all the other teams prepare for the first race of the Formula 1 tournament at the Australian Grand Prix. The second episode of the series was named “The King of Spain” in which the team of McLaren tries their best to turn things around as McLaren Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso faces Carlos Sainz Jr. of the Renault F1 team at the Spanish Grand Prix which was held in Barcelona.

The third episode of the series was named as “Redemption”, the accident happens at the Monaco Grand Prix, Daniel was pressurized because of an upstart by all the other competitors. And also, the male and females of Williams Racing struggle to remain relevant. The fourth episode of the season was named “The Art of War” in which we get to see and experience the off-track relationship of team Red Bull and team Renault as there were many misunderstandings between them.

We also get see the shocking move played by a top F1 racer. The fifth episode of the series was named “trouble at the Top” which revolves around financial problems faced by the McLaren F1 team who got into legal issues because of the Force India F1 team as they McLaren was the principal and co-owner of the team.

The sixth episode of this series was titled “All or Nothing” which features a worrying situation between two drivers as the team Force India was bought by Lawrence Stroll and there was one slot left for the drivers. The seventh episode was titled “Keeping your Head” which features F1 driver Romain Grosjean of Haas’ F1 team, who struggles to find confidence at the French Grand Prix. The eighth episode was named “The Next Generation” in which the F1 driver Charles Leclerc hopes to fulfill the dream of his godfather Jules Bianchi which was to race for Ferrari.

The ninth episode was named “Stars and Stripes” in which the rivalry between Haas and Renault was heated up and they fought for the rights at Texas Grand Prix which was held in the United States. The last and final episode of the season was named as “Crossing the Line” in which all the drivers are pumped up and are willing to end the year on a very strong note and then get ready for the final race which held at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Circuit.

Is it any good?

The first moment was to hear the secret conversation of the Hass team of the United States. The conversation which was shown to the public is found to be kept private and many teams don’t allow the camera persons to record them.

Formula 1- Drive to Survive

The second moment was of the Renault-Red Bull partnership which was all good at the beginning of the season but was turned toxic later on in the season which gave the heat to the rivalry between Horner and Abiteboul.

The third moment was about the friendship between Gasly and Leclerc, who were best friends since their karting days. A short glimpse of the old footage was also shown proving their friendship off-track.

The last moment was of the rivalry happening inside the team between Max Verstappen and Daniel Riccardo, which an absolute dream of the producers to film and showing it to the public. And give them a whole new experience of Formula 1.


The ten-episode web series is the first to really take the audience in the F1 pits, the stockade, and the inner lives of the famous drivers in Formula 1. This web series is based on the 2018 Formula 1 season of the World Championship that has unmatched and VIP access to some of the world’s greatest F1 drivers, team management, and their owners. This series is created for the F1 enthusiasts as well as the general public who have minimal interest in the motorsports; the web series took a very long time in the making and involved a lot of important people who are related to the brands that have a very long history of racing and has played a very significant part in bringing up the sport which they loved. And now it is all shown to the public, which involves all the things going on while the F1 tournament is going on and the backstories of drivers on and off track.

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