What’s the story?

Daughters of the King and Queen of Arendelle, Elsa and Anna, are inseparable during their childhood. Elsa was born with the ability to create and conjure ice and snow. One day while playing, Elsa unintentionally hurts Anna with her powers and fearing that she might do so again, she locks herself in her room and shuts Anna out of her life. Both of them grow up in isolation until it is time for Elsa’s coronation, where Anna desperately falls in love with Prince Hans and decides to marry him. When Elsa hears about this, she loses control of herself and her magical powers are revealed to the whole kingdom. Elsa is cast out of the castle and she runs away leaving Arendelle in a state of eternal winter.


Alone in the mountains, Elsa is free to use her powers and she builds herself a castle of ice where she intends to hide forever. Meanwhile Anna puts Hans in charge of Arendelle and sets off to find Elsa. On the way, she meets the rugged iceman Kristoff, his sidekick reindeer Sven and the hilarious talking snowman Olaf. When Elsa finds out what she did, she is devastated and she strikes Anna’s heart with ice and throws them out of her castle. The trolls tell Kristoff that only an act of true love could save Anna now but true love is not where she is expecting it to be.

Is it good?

This 3D animated film goes beyond the traditional Disney concept of a love story where a princess finds her match and gets married. This story explores the definition of true love through the bond of sisterhood; true love is putting someone else before yourself. Elsa, afraid that she would hurt the people she loves, hides away all her life in fear but is eventually transformed into a beautiful and strong queen. Anna, full of life and optimistic, refuses to give up on her sister.

Frozen I

This winter vs. summer theme with two sisters depicting each season and the lesson that together they can save everyone is seldom found in Disney.  With attractive and catchy soundtracks that will keep you singing along, it never gets boring. The costumes are perfect for every role and the transformation of Elsa into the snow queen with her costume changing into a frosty blue is a spectacular sight to watch. The animation is beautiful especially when Elsa goes into ice-olation and builds herself a castle of ice. It is a fairytale for all ages and little girls would want to be Elsa, the snow queen, for many Halloweens to come.


Humorous and emotional at the same time, this Disney 3D animated film breaks the traditional idea of true love. It has songs that will take your breath away and characters that are adorable and easy to love. It is heart-warming and will definitely be a classic favorite among kids for many years to come because it is hands down one of the best animated movies from the last decade.

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