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As we all know, there is a big backlog at the box office of new releases. The main reason is the presence of the current health crisis. Among many good stories, one is Here Awhile whose OTT release has been postponed earlier in 2020.

Finally, in the previous month, it has been announced that the movie will be going to release digitally on the 9th of June. By the way, the film has already been shown on different awareness film festivals in the US. They were held in October 2019, November 2019, and recently in March!

It is starring Jow Lo Truglio, Steven Strait, and Anna Camp in lead roles. The list of the cast also includes names like Sydney Lovering, Reza Leal-Smartt, and Parker Hall.

Also, there are notable performances of Kristin Taylor, Grant Hall, Dana Millican, and Chloe Mason. The movie is created by the novel director Tim True as his debut. Also, it is a short drama with the film’s total runtime round one and a half hours!

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There is a joint effort of Tim True and Csaba Mera behind penning a controversial story of Here Awhile. Yes, the makers have well dramatized a touchy subject. The story is based around the life of a lady who came back to Portland, Oregon.

She wanted to meet and reconnect with her younger long-estranged brother after 15 years. She reveals her brother that she is planning to end life with the help of unique death with the Dignity Act of Oregon.

Not only the brother but his girlfriend and neighbor is also supporting in her heart-wrenching and difficult decision. They have their ways to spread love, celebrate life, and learn how to make the best use of time together that is left with them.

It is a tremendous directorial effort. The mental condition of a young lady who has cancer that can’t be operated or treated is presented well. Its worldwide audiences can come to know how Oregon law can allow its terminally ill people to make decisions on when and how to accept death.

Is it any Good?

You might think it is a kind of suicide. However, the law is made for the terminally ill people as a medically and dignified supervised alternative to end life with peace. At least, they do not need to suffer for a painful death at the sterile hospital.

She is a successful artist! Her brother Michael(Steven Strait) and she has remembered Drang and Sturm of their childhoods in their conversations. They lost their parents and suffered from fractured family flaws.

The lady Anna(Anna Camp), has suffered and scrapped a lot in her early life. Her father has cast her out of their home after knowing the fact that she was homosexual. Later, she started living in San Francisco as a homeless person.


Further, she has adopted art as her source of income, and this changed her life and brought success such that she has bought home. But happiness doesn’t last long in her life, so her vital organs are caught by colon cancer due to her bad fortune.

Currently, the drama has got a rating of 7.7 out of 10. If you like to watch dramatized stories on sensitive subjects, then this is something for which you need to set a reminder to watch!

The makers have high expectations from this movie. After all, they have tried to attract the attention people to know about the sentiments of a person suffering from terminal illness!


The film is backed by the stunning visuals of windswept rough beaches, tree-filled streets, and verdant landscape of Oregon. Overall, the makers have made an excellent effort to dramatize an authentically compelling script on a touchy subject. After all, it can be controversial to present this as a feature film!

As per the makers, Here Awhile is intended to let people think more and converse about the country’s most divisive social problems. The film is based on a sensitive topic, you can get some idea from its subtitle, ‘She is coming home to say Goodbye’

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