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Ages: 12+
Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger, Gina Rodriguez
Summary: A family of con artists who spend 26 years of their lives training their one and only daughter to scam, Cheat, and steal from people whenever she gets the opportunity. During their small heist, they meet a stranger who is willing to join them, and soon she turns everything upside down.
Director: Miranda July
Genre(s):  Crime, Drama
Rating: R

What’s the story?

Kajillionaire is a Drama/Comedy film, it is directed by a well-known director Miranda July. Kajillionaire made its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival on 25th January of 2020 which takes place in Park City, Utah at Sundance Resort and is the largest independent film festival in the United States. and it is expected to release on 18th September of 2020 by Focus Features.

The story revolves around a family of con artists Therasa and Robert who are played by well-known actors Richard Jenkins who plays a role of Robert and Debra Winger who plays a role of Therasa they spent 26 years of their life training their daughter who she is known as Old Dolio ad is played by Evan Rachel Wood, it is kind of a strange name for their daughter and the way she dresses wearing oversized shirts, having shabby look which her parents prefer the way she appears her body language and her manners are similar to a young teenage boy.

They train her to scam, cheat, and steal from strangers any time she gets the opportunity. They control each and every aspect of Old Dolio’s life and they have been controlling her since her birth which left her no choice but to continue what her parents do.  They make their living by committing small crimes and small heists as they have no other choice left to survive and they dream of becoming a Kajillionaire. But skimming is no way to survive in this cruel world or raise their children in this environment.


Miranda July’s Kajillionaire has a different approach rather than a typical movie, it is kind of a strange yet beautiful in some cases it gets even weird, it portraits the value and a connection between humans and the way it is shown throughout the movie is just phenomenal for the one who believes in this kind of stuff or is interested in and will truly enjoy the movie.

In the movie, we first meet them during the heist or a scam they conduct in a small post office in their area. They make next to nothing doing these strange activities but when they do they get arrested by the police and lose what they make. They live in a small rented house whose rent is as low as $500 yet they are debt and are three months behind in their rent schedule.

Is it any good?

One day, Their Landlord gives them the warning to pay the rent in a week or leave the house. This statement sparks an idea in Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood) head and she comes up with an idea or a scheme that will make them quick cash and through which they will overcome their debt easily, but it requires them to make a roundtrip flight to New York and back to home in Los Angeles in which they back yield stolen luggage and travel insurance scheme to solve their problem, during the trip we come to know that they are not a huge fan of turbulence but during their flight they meet a stranger who is a physician’s assistant, Melanie who is played by Gina Rodriguez, who seems not to care much about the family’s weird or strange habits. Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood) parents start treating newly met Melanie as their daughter this makes Old Dolio very confuse and jealous of Melanie. When Old Dolio’s parents tell Melanie about their heist she becomes interested and insists to join them as she has thought of a way she takes advantage of their family. Old Dolio feels threatened by the presence of a stranger in her family who is Melanie, but later Melanie quickly offers her own resources and offer them some money to support them and by doing this she makes her way into their and gains their trust but the truth is she is waiting for her huge cut in the next heist they conduct.

kajillionaire 1

Melanie is different from all the members of the family and has a different mindset and thinks in a different way when compared to the Old Dolio family, and she gets to play a unique role in which she plans and strategies to take advantage from Old Dolio family. Miranda July has a different type of thing in her movie when compared to any other movies I have seen yet. The way the story flows the role of her characters in the movie is displayed the way the mystery unfolds makes Miranda July’s movie unique and is worth watching.

The film Kajillionaire has an extraordinary cast the main characters are Old Dolio and Melanie and is played by Evan Rachel Wood as Old Dolio and Gina Rodriguez as Melanie, other characters are Old Dolio Father Robert who is played by a well-known actor Richard Jenkins, Old Dolio Mother Theresa Dyne who is played by Debra Winger, and others are Stovik who is played by Mark Ivanir, Kelli who is played by Rachel Redleaf, Jenny who is played by Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Farida who is played by Diana-Maria Riva, Jimmy who is played by Randy Ryan, Businessman who is played by Jeffrey Nicholas Brown, Hot Tub Salesman who is played by Adam Bartley, and last but not least Bartender who is played by Michelle Gillette.


The film Kajillionaire carries great values and connections between the families and the way Miranda July laid down the story shows she possesses great skills. We are not given a choice to choose in which family we are born but we are given a choice as to what we would like to do while with them, and we get to see a  perfect example of this in the form of  Old Dolio role in the movie.

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