What’s the story?

We should watch war based movies! After all, they inspire us to be strong and never give up whenever there are any challenges! It boosts our positive attitude towards living life, and we can also inspire others from such behavior. In this manner, we will never fear the difficulties in our life, take them happily and live stress-free! So, a great movie to watch regarding the same genre is Midway!

The title has been inspired almost halfway between North America and Asia named, Midway Islands’. It comes under US territory! These islands are based on Honolulu’s northwest region and didn’t come under the Hawaiian archipelago. The movie was shot in Montreal and at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii. Interestingly, its teaser was released on the 4th of June 2019 on the 77th anniversary of the Midway’s battle.

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An Epic war film genuinely based on the Battle of Midway happened during World War II and was a Pacific Theater’s turning point. A war occurred among the Imperial Japanese Navy and the American fleet. It is all about the bravery, fortitude, and instincts of the soldiers and leaders to tackle the odds.

So, the story is based on real-life incidents that happened at the Battle of Midway. The script is written as per the inputs of what sailors and leaders have faced while fighting for it.

It is all about explaining how the real heroes have given their best to fight for their country, as a way to honor them. By the way, it was about three day battle by sea and by air fought years before on 4th June 1942 and won by the US.

The film Midway grabs its audience’s interest from the initial shots of warships and the Pacific Ocean. There are many thrilling scenes of airstrikes and deadly combat operations happening among the two nations.

There are visuals of exploding battleships and many crucial war sequences. It helps to know how much property and life had been destroyed at that time in the war. Hundreds of men perish during the battle!

Is it any good?

The movie “Midway” is a blend of action and drama! It is recognized as the most expensive ever made among independent films with a budget of around $100 million. It has got mixed critical reviews and is praised as a historically accurate about a war film.

Midway 2

It has an average online rating of 6.7 from 10 on IMDb as per above 57.5 thousand voters. You will like the Adventure presented in this Midway mixed with modern special effects! The narrative has been kept simple so that viewers will finally come to know the detailed and complex plans on war strategies.


An American war movie i.e. Midway is of about two and a half hours longer released back on the 8th of November on Theaters in 2019. Wes Tooke has written the script. Roland Emmerich is responsible for the direction as well as production (with Harald Kloser). Harald Kloser and Thomas Wander created the music of the movie.

Audiences have got the opportunity to watch a big list of star casts, including Dennis Quaid, Mandy Moore, Keean Johnson, and Jun Kunimura. Audiences will also like Tadanobu Asano, Nick Jonas, Luke Evans, Ed Skrein, and Woody Harrelson. The list also comprises Darren Criss, Luke Kleintank, Etsushi Toyokawa, Aaron Eckhart, and Patrick Wilson.

Overall, Midway is not a pure war film but also includes some drama highlighting the dynamics among families, leaders, and soldiers. At the end of the movie, the makers have given credit to real-life Heroes by showing the pics and the brief information.

The makers have got success in entertaining, inform, and educate people, especially the newer generation. It is a battle that cannot be forgotten in our history during World War II that occurred in the Pacific.

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