What’s the story?

Terrorism is a critical yet interesting subject of an action movie in different nations. It will be a subtle encouragement for the audiences if a film has shown victory over it. If you like to watch thrill documentaries full of reality and action, you should watch “Mosul”! If you know what it is, you might get some idea about the story’s glimpse.

The movie was first premiered at the International Film Festival of Cleveland. After some time, it was released digitally by Gravitas Ventures. Later, it was released in the US previous year, specifically the 14th of May, 2019, with two languages, i.e., Arabic and English.

Dan Gabriel has directed the movie. He worked as a counter-terrorism officer of CIA in the region and is his directorial debut. And, the credits of writing goes to Mike Tucker and Daniel Gabriel. The film is produced by Matt Schrader and is starring Mahdi Chalkhaoul, Anouar H. Smaine, and Ali Mula as the notable characters.

It is based on the battle in 2016-2017 to regain Mosul, a city in Iraq from ISIS (Islamic State). The story is on intersecting narratives on different Iraqi ethnic groups connected with the operation. These groups are Kurdish Peshmerga forces, Christian fighters, Shiite militias, and Sunni tribesmen.

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The movie is about Ali Maula, an Iraqi Journalist embedded with Nasser Issa(O ISIS recruiter), along with Militia and war widow Um Hanadi. You can see interview footages taken by Maula with Sheikh Saleh “The Crocodile” and Captain Alaa Atah (Emergency response brigade of Iraq)

The story is about an incident that happened at the end of 2016. An army of more than one lakh militiamen and Iraq soldiers mobilized to take over the city from the clutches of ISIS. By the way, Mosul is the second-largest city of Iraq.

An Iraqi journalist named Ali Maula joins this troop that includes Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis, and Christians. He wants to know whether there are any sectarian differences among these unease allies army. Also, how they will be going to get freedom for their nation from the scourge of the Islamic state.

In between the way, he finds some unforgettable survival characters of the brutal occupation of ISIS. It includes refugees, an elite troop of ISIS killers, a warrior who was formerly a lawyer, an Iranian-backed militia leader, and a canny.

It also has a militia leader who is avenging her husband’s death, and “The Crocodile” (Sunni tribal leader). At the end of the journey, he came to know the truth of his evil organization. It happened while meeting face-to-face with a die-hard prisoner of Islamic State.

Is it any good?

On IMDB, the movie has got a rating of 8.7 from 10 as per the votes from about two thousand people. So, you should definitely give a try to watch this documentary. It will help you to experience and realize more about what innocent people in a nation like Iraq need to suffer.


By the way, the film “Mosul” includes inputs from a camera crew working with different Iraqi forces units. Thus, this media crew is responsible for capturing the eyewitness footage of more than nine months.

The documentary is about one and a half-hour long, so you won’t be going to feel bored of watching a long film based on terrorism. It has got many good reviews from both critics and its audiences. A Grammy-nominated composer, Photek has scored the original music of the movie. He is a British record producer!


The film Mosul is about the battle between hatred and mistrust of sectarians as well as violent Islamic extremism. It goes for the long till the politicians had declared the victory.

You can rent, buy, or stream Documentary thriller online on Amazon prime. It is entirely a documentary or particular interest film that can engage anyone to think and discuss the topic further.

For the full story or to grab the central theme of the movie, you need to watch and experience it yourself. There are many terrifying and thrilling footage in the film to grab anyone’s attention.

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