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Most of us like watching National Geographic, Sony BBC Earth, or Animal Planet to know our nature and wildlife better as gifted by God. Are you one among them and interested to see how a climatic change can impact the different living creatures? Do you want to binge something in your free time that lets you experience the beauty of nature and the planet? You can feel both of such in a Netflix TV series – Our Planet.

By the way, the show was released in the previous year, i.e., 5th April 2019, with eight episodes of around 50 minutes each. Silverback Films produced it in collaboration with a conservation charity WWF or World Wildlife Fund.

Entire ambitious documentary has been narrated by BAFTA and Emmy winner Sir David Attenborough. The narrations of the series are also available in Spanish by Penelope Cruz and Latin America by Salma Hayek. It took about four years for the makers to make the film with more than 600 crew members and shot in 50 different countries.

Our Planet 1

It focuses on truth and helps us (the humans) realize how our culture, living or humanity can impact on the other species and habitats of the planet earth. As a treat, you can watch some eye-catching or exciting footage of animals that you have hardly seen anywhere in your life.

Let us have a quick snap at the main highlights of each episode. It will help you to get a detailed idea about whether you should prefer watching this real-life documentary than any fictional story!

Episode-1: One Planet – In the first part, it will show how diverse the species of wildlife on our planet are like wildebeests, seabirds, etc.

Episode-2: Frozen Worlds – You can get an idea about its content from the title. Yes, it will let you know about how climate change can affect penguins, seals, walruses, polar bears, and more.

Episode-3: Jungles – This episode focuses on different species found on rainforests and jungles. It comprises ants, orangutans, and birds.

Episode-4: Coastal Seas – Do you know 90% of the marine creatures are living in coastal water? It includes notable urchins and sharks. What’s the current situation of these habitats and how humanity can help them!

Episode-5: From Deserts to Grasslands – The episode shows caterpillars, bison, and desert elephants.

Episode-6: The High Seas – Depicts how creatures in desolate, dark, and deep oceans live their lives.

Episode-7: Fresh Water – In this episode, you will come to know the importance of freshwater. Also, the condition of its supply for all kinds of species.

Episode-8: Forests – It is about a fragile interdependence among forests. How different residents there like Siberian tigers, hunting dogs, and bald eagles are spending their life for survival.

Is it any good?

The best part of the series is that you can experience this nature documentary with stunning visuals on 4k resolution. So you can mesmerize watching our nature in detailed clarity if your screen supports 2160p. Additionally, to feel the reality in crisp sounds, you can stream it in Dolby Atmos in 4K. Also, Dolby Digital in HD, and even Stereo in typical standard definition.

The complete series is to know the wide variety of habitats present all over the world. The total length of this TV mini-series is of 6 hours and 43 minutes, so you can spend your entire weekend watching this documentary.

Our Planet

At present, it has a rating of 9.3 from 10 based as per feedback of more than 25k people from different regions on the planet. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has got 8.33 points as an average rating out of 10 and an approval rating of 93%.

An interesting fact about it is that Silverback films have associated with Steven’s price for something big! Steve is an Oscar-winning sound composer of the series. Together they will start tour international arenas and live experience for series fans probably in October this year.

The live-in-concert will be shown as a multimedia spectacle with a new on-screen narration of David Attenborough. The concert will be planned for the next year as well!

So, there the whole series will be represented in an arena show of two hours. The fans can re-imagine the nature with Lisa Hannigan as a live vocalist, an orchestra of 66-piece, and on three big 4K screens.


The famous British documentary series on Netflix or Our Planet is based on nature and wildlife. It is an excellent mini-series TV show to watch with your whole family, including children, and help them realize our nature’s reality.

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