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Ages: 18+
Emily Mortimer, Robyn Nevin, Bella Heathcote
The film Relic follows three generation of women daughter, mother and grandmother who are haunted by an evil presence that takes control over their grandmother and terrifies them in their own house. It all starts when the grandmother goes missing and both mother and her daughter start searching for her in their remote house.
Director: Natalie Erika James
Drama, Horror
89 min

What’s the story?

The movie ‘Relic’ revolves around three generations of women which are played by Bella Heathcote, Robyn Nevin, and Emily Mortimer affected by the evil presence in their house. The ‘Relic’ is directed by none other than Japanese Australian filmmaker Natalie Erika James who is no stranger to creepy fiction and horror films. The film ‘Relic’ made its debut at Sundance Film Festival which takes place in Utah, at the Sundance Resort, and is the largest independent film festival in the United States. Relics expected release date in the United States is 10th of July, and the release date is yet to be announced in other parts of the world. The story starts when the grandmother and the mother Edna go missing and the daughter and the granddaughter try searching for them in their remote family house. Though, when she is found she is under control of the evil presence in their house.


The movie ‘Relic’ appears to be plain and simple yet a bit creepy. But because of its visuals and the house it takes place in and its atmosphere and some terrifying jump scares makes it a lot creepy and horror to watch. It has a truly remarkable ending out of all the horror and creepy movies I have seen yet (period), it takes you from being completely terrified by the start to being in tears by the end of the film.

The house is a creepy old place set up in the woods somewhere in small Australian village, and its Edna the grandmother that is the longtime resident in that village, when she is not seen wandering around the village or near her house the usually call her daughter Kay and let her know about her missing mother who drives up from Melbourne with her daughter Sam.

Emily Mortimer plays a role of mother she goes by the name Kay in the movie, she is a busy woman and she lives in a city away from her mother but when she gets the call and she comes to know that her mother went missing she immediately rushes back to her hometown to her mother’s house along with her daughter Sam who is played by the Bella Heathcote in the film and when they arrive they find the house empty and no evidence about her missing mother. After three days Edna the grandmother which I splayed by Robyn Nevin appear in their doorstep looking shabby and messed up and had no clue where she has been for the past couple of days. Apparently the grandmother Edna suffers from dementia both mother and daughter struggle to find the reality and they discover something else is also there with them in the house something evil who wants to hurt them.

Kay’s return to her house brings her nightmares about the decayed house on the land. It’s the sign resembling the David Cronenberg type horror is involved in the mix, and also the Erika James’s drawing from her Japanese culture with evidence of ruins and decaying that spread on the walls of the house and also the floors evoking Japanese horror. Natalie Erika James was stimulated by her own experience when her grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s; this adds another element when the things are horrible.

Is it any good?

This family is of three generations of women grandmother, mother, and her daughter is the entire cast of the movie ‘Relic’, and the characters are clear and sophisticated all because of brilliant writing and directing and actors own talents. Both Kay and Sam have their own problems but they both come to love Edna at the end of the day, but as with her old age Edna has become more and more frightening and angry. Both Kay and Sam do their best work to adding new wrinkles to the typical horror premises and it leaves only one option that is to leave the house and run far away from it but how can you leave when you are terrified from your own mother that is Edna.

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In some cases, film ‘Relic’ is perhaps a little thin the on event to please hard-core horror fans, but the direction of Natalie Erika James brings out the lurking physical threat, rising claustrophobia and growing emotional unease in her characters are exciting definitely.

That’s the brilliant part behind Natalie Erika James’s film ‘Relic’ and the way she manages between both humanity and creepiness in her film. The house is captured with an idea of being both familiar and distractive at the same time. The house, which was once the place of peace, affection, and love that is now shifted to a creepy and destructive old house, and as the fear builds and the mystery unfolds we are left with only one thing the truth. Most of us had lost our parents at a young age and others who are left to see our parents die in front of us due to pain and hardships. People once we saw a bright, supportive and untouchable will become one of these. And the nightmares haunt us as we realize it will also happen to us one day.

I have to say that the ‘relic’ lacks some energy when compared to other horror movies. However, there’s some fantasy in the back half ‘Relic’ and it’s hard to even shake it off. The characters work and tension building doesn’t work for me that well, but there are some emotions and moments in this film that I will never forget.


Relic shows us the importance of holding our loved ones close to us before they are gone, I know it doesn’t sound good, and it is horrifying too. You feel a personal relationship with the characters of the film when you are watching it. If you are sensitive to the film’s conclusion will make you burst into tears in a happy way, it’s also a great horror film with a wonderful story which will make you both cry and laugh in fear from the start to finish each step will bring you closer to the end.

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