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Starring: John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Robert Pattinson
Summary: An action movie that revolves around traveling in time and spies, it is much like Nolan’s previous movie Inception with a huge amount of budget being spent on the Tenet’s creation, this movie is considered as the next big thing of the new decade. This movie is possibly about a character that is trying to prevent World War 3 with the help of time travel and being reborn multiple times.
Director: Christopher Nolan
Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

What’s the story?

Tenet is considered as one of the most thrilling movies of the year 2020. The direction of the movie is done by Christopher Nolan and Tenet is all set to hit the theaters later this year. The movie involves a lot of action scenes that the audience will find thrilling to watch. The movie has a vast budget, and according to sources, it has been made in a total of 225$ million (approx).

An action-packed movie that surrounds spying and time travel, Tenet is related to Christopher Nolan’s previous blockbuster movie, Inception no matter what. With inception being one of the greatest of the last decade, here is our thought Tenet may already be one of the most popular films of the twenties…

Like any other Christopher’s movies, Tenet is filming with its story completely hidden from media and public. Warner Bros. has not released any information about Christopher Nolan’s Tenet yet; this reason has led to a number of fans wondering about what the Nolan has in stock for his new movie. This movie emerged with speculation calling it a “colossal, unorthodox, action blockbuster which will be shown in IMAX theaters all around the world”.

In the month of May Warner Bros released the official title of the movie Tenet. We all knew that this movie was on global news. Much of the Christopher fans have been keeping an eye on Tenet and considering this movie as Nolan’s next 007 movies. Christopher Nolan is known as the champ of the 007 franchise.

However, the secrecy surrounding the Christopher Nolan movie the Tenet is not about its plot and twists, but whether it will release this year or not due to the global pandemic. As it sits at this stage of this writing, Tenet is the next big studio film of Christopher Nolan on a schedule that has seen most movies skips to a later date because of the global pandemic. The majority of movies or film theaters around the world are closed right now, however, there’s some hope that it will reopen by July. Christopher Nolan has worked to make it release this year, but some question if it’s a valueless attempt. Warner Bros is allegedly discussing a hold-up and plans to make a selection soon.


Considering that Inception had great actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, amongst others, Christopher Nolan chose John David Washington as a lead role in his upcoming movie Tenet. Having amazed us by Spike Lee’s outstanding BlacKkKlansman, John David Washington is clearly meant for vast things, and this role of John David Washington in Tenet could thrust him to superstardom. Meanwhile, Pattinson’s star is in the invasion with his upcoming appearance in the acclaimed brilliant movie The Lighthouse, and his role as our brand new Batman.

Michael Caine is in the movie cast of Christopher’s Tenet and also in his other movies like Inception. Tenet is Michael Caine’s eighth cooperation with Christopher Nolan. Kenneth Branagh also has an unrevealed role in the movie Tenet, following his role in Dunkirk. But this is not all; there are also many new talents present in the movie like Himesh Patel, Aaron Taylor, and last but not least Elizabeth Debicki who are included in the film crew. We may not have much information about their roles in Tenet, but the list of the cast alone offers a lot of reasons to be awaited for the Tenet.

Is it any good?

Comparing to the movie Inception, with its mind-bending scenes with small cityscapes, the scenes of Tenet are already close to a truly marvelous visual binge. The time manipulations in the trailer are very precise, but the more you watch it, the more you observe. From the reverse waves hitting the boat to the reverse car chase, Tenet is already playing with our perceptions.

Christopher has always had the talent for creating unbelievable movies that present more than just a standard-level of enjoyment to the public. They are blockbusters with a brain, with a sense of scale that matches the blanket of ideas at their core. Of course Inception can be a sort joy to watch as a normal hit, there are many action-packed scenes and some really extraordinary visual effects, there is much more than that. Inception’s longevity was secured by the theorizing that came later, with countless analysis on what was real and what wasn’t, especially when it came to the movie’s ending.

Tenet has already taken out the public with its exceptional details. From the unusual way in which the title appears (it also reads the same backward as forwards) to the ‘it hasn’t happened yet’ scene in the trailer, there’s no doubt it’ll have people talking for days, weeks, months, and perhaps even years eventually.


The Tenet was filmed across 7 countries around the world as confirmed by Warner Bros. The movie production was started in the month of July and continued filming for several weeks in Estonia. The local news channel of Estonia reported that around 18 million dollars were being spent on the Tenet’s movie set in Estonia. Different countries where the movie Tenet was being filmed included the UK, parts of India, and Italy. The India-set sections of the movie are being organized to shoot in September.

Nolan has never filmed one project in seven countries prior to this, which gives some load to the original rumor that “Tenet” is a mighty blockbuster. An interesting story is always predicted from any of Christopher’s new movies, by making a movie across 7 countries of the world tells that the story is the biggest thing Christopher has written till the present date. The vast number of locations means that this movie will be more extroverted when compared to Dunkirk, which was one of Christopher’s most contained films.


With only two months remaining for the Tenets release, the absence of a second trailer is a bit concerning, although Warner Bros. is just hiding it until the release date is confirmed. Tenet could be just the thing audiences are looking for after this exhausting and tiring time. Even if Tenet doesn’t arrive in July, the audience would know that they will get to see Tenet on the big screen at some point, and then they’ll finally be able to untangle the mystery of its story.

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