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Summary: The Boys is a story of good vs the bad where the almighty superheroes play a negative role and live their life in their own ways while abusing their powers to the public. On the other hand, the seven nobodies play as a strong team and fight these superheroes as they were once bullied by the so-called gods. It is an interesting story to watch as the whole world goes upside down.

What’s the story?

Many heroes have been committing violence, which is always getting hidden under a piece of the rug because they all are well-known gods among the public. These superheroes are the world’s most disreputable heroes of all time. The show is created based on one of the best-selling comic book written by Garth Ennis, The Boys is a vengeance story where the unknowns take on the gods.

The Boys season one was released on 28th July 2019 by Amazon prime and have eight episodes. The second season is in the production and will be released later this year. The cast of season one has Karl Urban who plays the role of lead character Billy Butcher, Antony Starr as The Homelander, Jack Quaid as the Hughie Campbell, Dominique McElligott as the Queen Maeve, Erin Moriarty as the Annie January/Starlight, Laz Alonso as the Mother’s Milk, Jessie T. Usher as A-Train, Tomer Capon as Frenchie, Chace Crawford as The Deep, Nathan Mitchell as Black Noir, Elisabeth Shue as Madelyn Stillwell, Karen Fukuhara as The Female, and many more recurring cast members. The release date of season two is not disclosed yet, but the hopes are that The Boys will return soon.

The Boys 2

The story of the show revolves around bad superheroes that tend to misuse and abuse their super powers on public but are considered as the gods among them. All crimes committed by these superheroes all covered up by the authorities responsible and not shown to the public. But some of the common people were really pissed off by the heroes, then comes the main character that finds all these people and recruits them in his own team known as ‘The Boys’, who work together and fights the superheroes to maintain balance and stop the violence caused by them. The superheroes use their powers only for themselves and do whatever they want and create a bitter world for the innocent people to live in. The story is basically of good vs the bad scenario, but it’s nothing like any of the typical superhero movies or TV shows. This is a quest to expose and uncover the dirty secrets of ‘The Seven’.

The show starts with the most shocking day in the life of young employee of A/V store Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell), who was talking with his girlfriend Jess Salgueiro (Robin) while on a walk; Jack is then covered in blood and guts when Jessie T. Usher (A-Train) literally passes through his girlfriend, leaving Jack with Jess’s hand. A-Train says that he was running Flash-style to stop a bank theft, but he also apologized on national news a kind of and then offers Jack $45 Grand to make the whole disaster disappear with his signature on an NDA.

Is it any good?

While Quaid was arguing with his father about whether to keep the $45K or not, in the mean time the boys brings in Erin Moriarty (Annie). She’s on an interview to be the newest member of the boys or ‘The Seven’, this parallel version of the Justice League by DC or the Avengers by Marvel, which has a leader Homelander, a deep-sea master, the invisible man, and the very similar to Wonder Woman, Queen Maeve. One of them had already retired so they replaced him with Annie in their group. After a presentation they introduce Annie to the public. Annie finds herself all alone with the Deep, who forces her to love him or she will be thrown out of the group.

The Boys 1

Jack learns more about the depths of immorality within the world of these gods in the meantime when we get to see a bold character of Karl Urban (Billy Butcher) enter in Jack’s life. Billy has a contract for Jack, after the death of Robin and offers Jack a high amount for staying low-key. Billy wants Jack to get into the H.Q. of ‘The Seven’ and plant a spying device to uncover the truth about the gods. And found that there is no record of a bank theft A-Train was claiming to stop. Jack was convinced to join Billy when he sees CCTV footage of A-Train laughing about turning Robin into bloody pulp very quickly.

The so-called gods are also a part of billion dollar project called the Vought which was run by Elisabeth. She met the mayor and offers him the protection of his city for only 300 million dollars but got rejected as he offered a very low price for this job. At the end of an episode, it looked like Madelyn was going to sign a deal to guard the mayor’s town, but Antony murders all the passengers of the plane which included the govt. official and children as well.

The best scene of the episode was when Jack unintentionally met Erin in the park; they both were on their edge of leaving their groups as Jack was not comfortable in working with Billy and Annie was already offended by the act of the Deep. Jack motivated her by saying that it is not the end of the world. This statement gave her the much-needed support to carry her character emotionally. The comic version of The Boys is very shady and bold as seen by the kind of language was used by the male characters at the very beginning of the show. But balancing the rest of the characters was a very smart move.


In the end, Jack finally plants the device in the HQ but was seen by the Invisible Man while doing so. The Invisible Man follows jack to the shop and tries to kill him. Billy came in and stopped him with his car, then spits his own blood on the Invisible man to see him and finally delivers him a headbutt. And Finally Billy is successful in killing the Invisible Man, thus saving Jack and completing his milestone. The second season is in the works and will be released soon.

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