The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

May 25, 2020

What’s the story?

In the beautiful land of Thra, seven Gelfling clans thrive harmoniously, with each having their distinct customs and rich history. All of Thra is ruled by the ugly and disgusting Skeksis, who are secretly draining life out of the dark crystal, the heart of Thra. As the power of the crystal dies out, a strange and mysterious blight, The Darkening, slowly starts to consume the creatures of Thra. One day, in the castle of the Skeksis, a Gelfling called Rian discovers that the Skeksis are draining the essence of life out of Gelflings to gain immortality. He manages to flee but is labelled as a traitor by his own kind. Princess Brea, daughter of the All-Maudra who serves under the Skeksis rule, sees a vision of a symbol.


Curious to know more, she sets off to find answers and uncovers the truth about the Skeksis. Meanwhile, in the underground land of Grotton, another Gelfling called Deet starts a journey to warn the Gelflings about the blight that is starting to affect different creatures of Thra. Mother Aughra, the prior protector of the crystal, wakes up from her long sleep and is shattered after seeing the present condition of the crystal. She brings together these few Gelflings and they set off to find a way to end the Skeksis rule. Now the future of Thra lies in the hands of these few brave Gelflings who must unite all the clans against their ruthless overlords, who have plans of their own.

Is it any good?

The splendid land of Thra, with all its exciting and unique creatures, is designed with artistic detail and amazing editing. The puppets are made with elaborate detail to make each of them look entirely distinct from the other; they show a limited number of expressions but the voice actors did a remarkable job covering that up. The Skeksis, with their ugly vulture-like faces are designed to make them easy to hate from the first episode. Even though it is a puppet-based series, it might be a little too dark and grim for some kids.


Old and new fans alike will agree that this puppet-based show is a one of a kind masterpiece. It remains faithful to the original movie by focusing on sole puppetry with minimal CGI, although the story is much deeper and more complex. It is a tale of friendship, courage, unity and sacrifice. The Gelflings, although quite different from human beings in appearance, exhibit the same social values of hierarchy as humans. As the fires of rebellion are lit among the Gelflings, we see some of them still standing with their merciless overlords without a second thought. It really is hard to recognize the light when you have spent your whole life in the dark. However, as we move to the last episodes, the show takes a full-gear turn with intense fighting scenes intertwined with meaningful sacrifices which are sure to turn the viewers teary-eyed.


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance follows the story of the creatures of Thra as they fight for their rightful freedom from their ruthless lords, the Skeksis. Their united battle, countless sacrifices and hope for a better future holds many important moral lessons. Even though it is a puppet show, it is focused to please kids and adult alike, especially fans of the 1982 film. The complex but perfectly explained storyline with fascinating visual effects are enough to keep you glued to the screen.

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