What’s the story?

Srikant Tiwari, played by Manoj Bajpayee, a father of two children works for The National Investigation Agency. Everything falls apart as he is handed over a case to interrogate and gather intelligence from a suspect in previous blast attacks, Moosa. Srikant, being a pro at making up stories quite instinctively to get out of difficult situations, a habit which often gets him into trouble with his wife, succeeds at catching Moosa and one of his partners, and they are kept under surveillance in a hospital. Moosa is suspected to have information about Mission Zulfiqar, a plan made by some terrorists in Pakistan including Major Saleem and a so-called jihad activist Faizan Ahmad, to provoke the Indian government to start a war with Pakistan. Moosa manages to kill his partner and escape the hospital and it turns out Moosa is actually Al-Qatil, number 6 on FBI’s most wanted list.


Mission Zulfiqar is activated as Moosa gets help from his associate Sajid, who is a lone wolf known to act effectively. Meanwhile, some Muslim students with antinational views are mistakenly suspected as terrorists and killed during a shootout by Srikant and his team. Higher officials try to cover up this incident even though Srikant takes full responsibility of their murders. Under pressure of their mistakes, Srikant and his team try to figure out what Mission Zulfiqar actually is. Amid all the action, Srikant also tries to take out time for his wife and kids, usually failing miserably and disappointing his wife. Meanwhile, Moosa and his associates plan an attack on Delhi the likes of which the NIA has never seen before.

Is it any good?

Like every Indian crime thriller ever, the enemy is Pakistan but the thing that sets The Family Man apart from other crime shows is that it boldly addresses many different controversial topics like religious extremism, marriage problems due to lack of communication, brainwashing innocent students in the name of nationalism, the taboo against mental illnesses and misuse of power.


Even though it focusses on serious topics, the show keeps the viewers captivated by throwing a funny remark every so often and showing the true nature of the family life of a man working in the intelligence. The show makes up for its somewhat typical plot with good humor, amazing cinematography and praise-worthy soundtracks. Manoj Bajpayee, as always, gives an outstanding performance.


The Family Man may seem like another show reflecting the ongoing war between Pakistan and India, but it goes a step ahead and delves a lot deeper into the tragedies and circumstances that make people go to such extreme lengths to seek revenge. The politics behind terrorism intertwined with witty humor is definitely enough to keep the viewer on the edge of their seats.

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