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Guy Richie directed this comedy action movie The Gentlemen. Big names in Hollywood like Matthew McConaughey, Henry Golding, Jeremy Strong, Charlie Hunnam and others are casted in this movie. Guy Ritchie put a lot of hard work into this movie. It is not his best work but it also to his worst work till now. The movie was very entertaining and well casted.  

The latest from excitable British Director guy Richie “The Gentlemen” is an action, crime movie. Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) is playing as a powerful drug load in London who has a very powerful Marijuana business. An American by the name of Mickey Pearson became very successful in London through his marijuana business. Many mafia gangs started plotting evil plans to take his business when the news gets around that he is cashing out his drug empire. They all started making different plans to become the new drug lord of London. Everybody wants a piece of him. 

The Gentlemen

The narrator here is a mysterious, harmful, unscrupulous private detective named Fletcher, who is played by Hugh Grant. Roz (Michelle Dockery) was the wife of Mickey in the movie. It’s interesting, the sight we get mickey was ready to retire from marijuana business because he loved his wife. Two rivals’ shows up as potential buyers: one is an American Jewish billionaire who is played by Jeremy Strong and the other is a Chinese-Cockney gangster named Dry Eye who is played by Henry Goulding. The owner of the boxing club an Irish Colin Farrells (Coach) was the wild card of the movie. He always acted like a gangster in the movie but he keeps telling people that he is not a gangster. Ray the right hand man of Mickey was very threatening in action but looked like a mannered desk clerk. Charlie Hunnam played the role of Ray in the movie. “The Gentlemen” movie title was clearly sarcastic.

The performance Hugh Grant gave was very impressive considering how all movie fit together was in his hands. Fletcher one of those tabloid “writers” who is a parasite, who loves to be “in” on things, who sees people and their reputations as disposable, who really adores explaining how much he knows, how much he has captured with his bazooka-sized telephoto lens. The scenes of the movie unfold as we see grand portray them to us and the pitch of the movie goes on. 

Is it any good?

Fletcher played by Hugh Grant in the movie is the reporter in the film who wanted to cash out some dirt that he has on the big figures of the mafia world. The right hand man of Mickey (Raymond) also got involved in the matters of his boss. The comedy in any of the Guy Richie movie starts when different characters in the movie try to take over each other. If we see other Richie’s movies we know that this is the point where the movie becomes interesting and good. When all the characters in the movie try to get over one another then it becomes difficult to keep up what all of them are saying. All of them had different accents and tones of voice in the movie.

The Gentlemen 2

The Gentlemen is not as good as Richie’s previous movies like Snatch and Revolver but it worth watching. There are many scenes in the movie which are very well directed and are very entertaining when many characters try to get over each other. The action scene in the movie is very well directed. The hard work of Richie and his team on the making of this movie can be seen in the action scenes of this movie. Action scenes are presented very cleanly and clearly. The two hours of this movie is pure entertainment. The twists in the movie keep the person’s interest build up in the movie.

The other side if you see the cons of the movie than the first one is that this movie makes no real point. People are always entertained by crime comedy movies but most of Richie’s movies are almost like this. Those kinds of movies were very popular in the 2000s but know Richie has to get new ideas.


 The gentlemen get your interest from the very first scene from where the movie starts. The gentlemen in the movie who try to get over each other keep your focus in the film. Most of the men are classy and debonair, some are sly and sharp, while some are young and charming. It is a good mixture that, all together, they ensure that there is never a dull moment in the movie. The characters in the movie are very well written. Characters are very relatable so people show interest in the movie when they connection between them and characters. The character of Mickey as a drug lord in the movie was fitted perfectly to Matthew McConaughey who considered himself as the King of Jungle. The smart dialogue delivery of Matthew McConaughey was perfect with his deep voice. Same for the Raymond which was his right hand man played by Charlie Hunnam who is a British actor.  Mostly the messed up situations in the movie were handled by Matthew McConaughey by his good looks and perfect composure.

Bunch rowdies and fool youth in the movie were coached by Collin Farrell, who was honest in the coaching. The character Fletcher played by Hugh Grant also did a very good job in the movie through his acting. He is a very talented actor known as Fletcher, who unfolds his findings to the Raymond if the form of film. The rest of the cast of the movie also did a very good job and make the movie worth watching. In conclusion, this is a very good action comedy with well-casted actors. All the jokes and multiple punches aren’t loud and in-your-face, but they sure pack a solid punch. If you are a fan of comedy, action movie than you will have entertaining two hours of this movie.

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